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Friday, 20 September 2013

Arsalan- The glory of Kolkata

 Location:  Diamond Harbour Road, opposite to Mint

Arsalan is the recent name to eating extravaganza for Kolkata. Having it’s main branch in Park circus and three outlets in Kolkata, it stands as the scintillating eating sensation for South Kolkatans’.  This time I had the opportunity of experiencing the culinary delight of this famous restaurant after getting to know a lot about the irresistible dishes by some of my food lover friends. 
Captivating d├ęcor

The First glance: The very concept of Mughal food has its origin and popularity from Lucknow. The main motive of the team Arsalan is to rejuvenate the culinary culture of the Mughal period, rich cultural history of food. In fact South Kolkattans are truly adamant to wait long standing queue for a packet of biriyani/kebab. I was truly amazed at this scene whenever I passed by the counter of Arsalan situated near Mint, Majherhat. The location will attract any passerby although the decor inside is more attractive than outside. 
The mesmerizing table art
Kolkata goes crazy for the taste of biriyani
  The service: It’s truly ideal for food lover Bengalis. The take away counter has a restaurant upstairs. It’s an air conditioned arena with a capacity to accommodate 50 people at a time. The very concept of the table mat which was encrypted with a brief history on biriyani did impress me a lot. The decor was minimum but truly comfortable. We were presented with a menu card from which we ordered some variety of food items. The price range of food varied from 100 INR to 250 INR.
Busy employees dedicated to serve the best
  The food: The restaurant has a wide range of food item.  Starting from kebabs, chicken curries, mutton curries, parantha and biriyani, it’s truly a mind boggling collection. The kitchen was a busy place with raw materials, semi prepared materials which was roasted to perfection inside a tandoor; it’s interesting for a customer to see the process while waiting in queue for the food ordered. The food is truly yummy; kebabs are delicious with a soft centre and melt in mouth taste. Biriyani is a wonderful conglomerance of meat blended in rich traditional spice and aromatic basmati rice. In fact the food is cooked to a delicious perfection that will never leave you uncomfortable or uneasy as all food are cooked with healthy oil. 
Kebabs with the melt in mouth feel
Biriyani reminds the nawabi style
Lachcha Parantha- it's too good!

The verdict: Arsalan has bagged up a number of awards for excellence in food quality and taste by the customers as well as some well known establishments who are continuously benchmarking the standards of restaurants.  Telegraph, and zomato are some of the organizations that recognized, appreciated and publicized the food quality and service of the restaurant. It’s said that festival hours are the most demanded hours in Kolkata where restaurants earn the most. Might be it’s difficult to step in without a proper prior table booking. The proudly displayed certificate on the walls stands very much with the quality of food; I will admit that they maintain the high standards in quality and service. It’s a suggestion that any person fond of Mughlai food must visit Arsalan at least once during his stay in Kolkata.

The burrp certification 
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