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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Vegetable spring roll-a must for a party

Vegetable spring roll is a common item, which is either home cooked or available in any restaurant Very much filling item and easy to prepare, it can be a very good starter item in any dinner party.With all seasonal vegetables stuffed in it , it is no doubt a mouth watering element.

Ingredients: Cabbage( 1small size nicely grated), capsicum (1 big sized chopped into smaller pcs.), tomato (1 big sized chopped into smaller pcs.), onion(1 big sized chopped into smaller pieces), tomato sauce (2 teaspoons), chilli sauce /chillis cut into smaller pcs., garlic paste(1 teaspoon), White flour(300gms.), water for preparing the dough, oil for frying.

Procedure: Dash the chopped vegetables into a container and cook till becomes soft.The vegetable while cooking emits a very nice smell of fresh cabbage.Add the garlic paste in order to enhance the smell.Add the tomato sauce , chilli sauce to the mixture.In case one likes a little hot taste then one may add chopped chillis instead of chilli sauce.Add salt according to the taste.The mixture should appear like a smooth mixture.Keep it aside.Make a dough out of the white flour , little oil , salt and water. Press the dough nicely with the help of your palms to make an even and smooth surface , so that rolling can be even easier.Make small balls out of the dough .The required quantity will give you at least 12-14 balls.Now you may roll the balls with the help of a chapati roller and make evenly rolled rounded shapes of not more than 3 inches diameter.Take one scoop of the cooked vegetable mixture and fill up by the mid line of the rolled dough.Fold the rolled structure from both sides and make a rectangular shape as shown in the picture above. The terminal ends should be folded at the back.This prevents the vegetable stuffing from coming outside the cover while frying.When the structure is ready, dry heat it in frying pan or even can do the same in a microwave (which has got convection mode) for 1 mins. on both sides.The stuffed structure should not be dry heated more than 2 mins. in order to avoid burn out.Now take oil in a container and deep fry the structure , allowing the rolls to turn golden brownish. Remove it to a serving plate and it's ready to be eaten.One may enjoy it with tomato sauce, chilli sauce or sauce of one's choice.

This is a very good vegetarian snacks, or even can be used as a starter in a dinner party. Tastes delicious with hard drinks even.I must admit to my readers that it is a modern version of samosa , but obviously a much healthier version compared to it.Enjoy cooking , enjoy creating new versions and I am sure that you will enjoy life.


  1. thanks...with ur goodwishes may i continue writing.....!!

  2. Sweta,

    I have to eat before I stop by here....
    you make me twice as humgry..

  3. dry heat? what does that mean? but yummy


  4. dry heat means just heating in frying pan without oil, this will help to make the roll even crunchier after frying it.

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