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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Spinach Roll- a healthy crunchy bite

Process of filling spinach stuff and rolling

filled stuffings

Yummy n healthy fillings

Spinach Roll is a very unusual food item, which is not really available in the market.Spinach has got it's own nutritious values-proteinaceous, vitaminous.Today's woman has to think of fulfilling her duties towards her family and take smart steps towards culinary art.A fulfilling diet which satisfies the taste buds as well as accomplishes the criteria of 'total nutrition' is what the choice of majority .

Ingredients: White flour (200gms.), spinach(2 bundles, normal size available in the market),onion( 1 grated into small pcs.), tomato(1 grated into small pcs.),tomato sauce (4-5 teaspoons), turmeric powder(2 teaspoons), salt acc. to taste, coriander powder(1 teaspoons), ginger paste(1 teaspoon) ,tissue paper for wrapping purpose.

Procedure: Make a dough with the white flour , salt and little water.Use your hand to make the dough and make sure that the dough becomes really smooth with no dumpings existent in it.Keep it aside.Take the spinach bundles, wash properly under running water to make sure that it does not contain the minutest amount of dirt and germs.Cut the leaves into smaller pieces.Take 1 teaspoon oil in a container and dash the spinach leaves to it.Cook till the vegetable becomes soft. Add turmeric powder, coriander powder, ginger paste for bringing in  the ultimate taste of the vegetable.Add salt acc. to taste and check the content with the help of a spoon. It becomes a soft and tasty mix.Keep it aside.Make small balls from the dough prepared earlier and start making rolls out of it with the help of a chappati roller.The rolls should not excees 4 inches in diameter.Heat a frying pan and dry heat the rolled dough, till it takes the shape of a chappati.Can apply 1-2 teaspoons of oil to make a fluffy parantha(Indian bread). When the parantha is ready may keep it aside.Can make 2-4 paranthas with the dough , required specification which is mentioned above.Take the parantha and fill it laterally with spinach stuffings with the help of a teaspoon.Put grated onions and tomatoes to it in a line as showed in the pictures above.Add tomato sauce to it.Readers may follow the step wise process as depicted in the pictorial representation.Once the parantaha stuffings are ready , it can be wrapped with tissue paper and it is ready to serve.

This  recipe may appear to be a time taking one , but really if you analyse all the ingredients used are essential for health and one has to prepare them regularly/semi regularly. This is only to show how to add glory to your hard work and get a beautiful dish as resultant.I am sure that people of all ages will definitely like it , cherish the taste and will want to have it again.As for busy mothers are concerned , put an end to feeding fussy toddlers , simply serve your child this dish and see him licking his fingers.After all, experimentation with food can be a great fun.


  1. please try this dish whenever it is convenient for you...specialy very good for a mother to be...

  2. Sweta,

    Oh my, my this looks scrumptious.. I love love anything spinach...

  3. thanks.....please try the same....

  4. I also enjoy spinach. I'll have to try this out. Looks delish.

  5. We're keen on spinach, or other leafy vegetables like beet tops, silver beet, mustard, kale etc. But I like the spices and ingredients you have mixed in with it so will be trying that out.

  6. thanks, please try and say how u liked it.....will love to hear ur feedback..

  7. This spinach rolls look fantastic. Thanks for sharing!