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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fish spring roll

Fish spring roll is a favorite item for all fish lovers.A delicious snacks out of fish not only leaves the taste buds tantalizing but also the invitees speechless.You may be available anywhere in the world and can procure any type of fish , but this item can be prepared with all readily available ingredients.

Ingredients:Tilapia fillets(300 gms.)[since I live in Kenya , only this variety is available , else this can be repeated with rohu, pompret, tuna, mackerel, catla or any available variety, provided it has to be boneless], onions(1 grated), tomato(1 grated), garlic paste(1 teaspoon), tomato sauce(3-4 teaspoons), chilli sauce(3-4 teaspoons, the level depends on one's taste buds), white flour(350 gms), oil(2 teaspoons), salt acc. to taste, water(for preparing the dough), yeast(2-3 gms.)

Procedure:Boil the fish fillets in water for 10 mins.When it becomes soft remove the water.Strain the water and keep aside the fish.Heat oil in a container and dash onions and tomatoes in it.Cook till the vegetables become soft.Add garlic paste and salt in required amount in it.Add the fish to the vegetables and mix well with the help of spatula.Make an even mix and cook till the vegetables and fish gets mixed to become a tasty filling. Keep aside the entire content.Prepare a dough with white flour, oil, salt , yeast and water and keep aside for 30 mins. The yeast content will help to oxygenate and the resultant dough will be fluffy , soft.Now you can make balls out of the dough.30 balls of even size will result from the dough.The more you press the dough with your hands the more even will it become.The doughs should be rolled to flat chapati like sizes with a chapati roller. The diameter of the chapati should not be more than 3 inches in size.With the help of a spoon take at least one scoop of the mashed fish and put in between , evenly in a line. Fold from both the ends , it takes the shape of a cylinder and terminal ends should be closed and folded backwards.This will take the shape which is shown in the above figure.The folding will prevent the stuffing from coming out while frying.Now you can take the resultant rectangular structure and dry heat(heating without oil) in a frying pan for 2 mins on both sides.This will make the roll taste even crunchier.Now heat oil in a container , when the oil is ready deep fry the roll. When the rolls takes a golden brownish color , you may remove from the container and it is ready to be served.
To fish lovers this item really proves to be heavens deal.For dinners parties and guests this can be a very attractive starter item.Melt in mouth delight , a very ideal combination with hard drinks.Your guests, friends and family will be bewildered with your culinary techniques and you will be the magic cook.

Steps involved in the preparation of fish roll:

step 1

step 2
step 3

Monday, 27 June 2011

Carrot Halwa- a tasty Indian sweet treat

Carrot Halwa is a very popular Indian dish in India. Any popular festivals, occasions are celebrated with this item.Specially the Northern part of India, as one proceeds carrot halwa has got it's specific varieties and wide availability.Rich in nuts, ghee and freshly grated carrots, this dish will definitely win the hearts of many.

Ingredients:Carrots(500gms grated with the help of grater), sugar (150gms.), cashew nuts and raisins(20gms.), ghee (100gms.), milk(1/2 litre). cardamom[elaichi](2/3 pcs.)

Procedure: Farm fresh carrots should be cleaned and grated with the help of a grater.Boil milk in  container and allow it to be thick .This process should be done for 10 mins.Then you may add the grated carrots in it.Add sugar to the mixture.Add cardamom seeds , cashew nut and raisins to it.Boil the entire content till the milk gets absorbed in the grated carrots and attains a thick mass type.When the entire milk get absorbed it's time that the halwa is almost ready.Ghee has to be heated separately in a container and the entire content has to be mixed in it. In this dish the ghee content has to be more and it will appear to be very rich with milk, ghee and cashew nuts to it.The essence of cardamom(elaichi) will definitely add a different level of richness and aristocracy.The orange color will definitely tantalize the taste buds and enhance a mind boggling attitude.

Carrot halwa is used as a dessert.After any meal carrot halwa leaves a soothing effect to one's taste buds.The melt in mouth deal definitely enhances the culinary delights.Specially for children this dish can be very effective as the vitamin quality will prove good for visionary health.Enjoy carrot halwa with your entire family and ensure good health for all.

Home made biscuits-the never to forget taste


Preparing the design

Ready Biscuits
Biscuits when prepared at home , tastes even better I guess.I stay in a place , Nakuru where maximun of the Indian housewives prepare delicious biscuits by themselves. Last week I did visit one of my friend's place who runs a patisserie from home.With all available ingredients in home it was great fun and a nice learning experience to see the biscuits taking shape. One fact I should admit, tasting hot biscuits are a different experience altogether.Let me share my learning experience with all.

Ingredients:White flour(700gms.), butter(500gms. unsalted), powdered sugar(500gms.)

Procedure:Prepare a dough out of white flour with butter and sugar.The more you press with your hand the more even and smooth it will be by texture. The dough should not contain any dumplings.Now small balls should be prepared from the dough. About 40 small balls should result from the mentioned ingredients.Now the balls should be pressed with hand to make flat structures and they should be placed in the baking tray as shown in the picture.After applying a little flour in the flat structures then you may use a fork to design the biscuits.Now design depends on oneself.Even molds could be used for designs.When the designing is complete then you may put it on the tray and allow it to bake at 180 degrees and for 20 mins. in normal cooking oven.One may bake in microwave which has got convection mode feature.After the stipulated time you will get hot , smelling , tempting home made biscuits from the oven.

The designing of biscuits can be done at one's own fancy, in fact biscuit design reflects one's personality,image, and creativity.Its great experience to get one's own biscuit requirement  done at home.In fact home made biscuits even taste better than the one purchased from outside.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Vegetable spring roll-a must for a party

Vegetable spring roll is a common item, which is either home cooked or available in any restaurant Very much filling item and easy to prepare, it can be a very good starter item in any dinner party.With all seasonal vegetables stuffed in it , it is no doubt a mouth watering element.

Ingredients: Cabbage( 1small size nicely grated), capsicum (1 big sized chopped into smaller pcs.), tomato (1 big sized chopped into smaller pcs.), onion(1 big sized chopped into smaller pieces), tomato sauce (2 teaspoons), chilli sauce /chillis cut into smaller pcs., garlic paste(1 teaspoon), White flour(300gms.), water for preparing the dough, oil for frying.

Procedure: Dash the chopped vegetables into a container and cook till becomes soft.The vegetable while cooking emits a very nice smell of fresh cabbage.Add the garlic paste in order to enhance the smell.Add the tomato sauce , chilli sauce to the mixture.In case one likes a little hot taste then one may add chopped chillis instead of chilli sauce.Add salt according to the taste.The mixture should appear like a smooth mixture.Keep it aside.Make a dough out of the white flour , little oil , salt and water. Press the dough nicely with the help of your palms to make an even and smooth surface , so that rolling can be even easier.Make small balls out of the dough .The required quantity will give you at least 12-14 balls.Now you may roll the balls with the help of a chapati roller and make evenly rolled rounded shapes of not more than 3 inches diameter.Take one scoop of the cooked vegetable mixture and fill up by the mid line of the rolled dough.Fold the rolled structure from both sides and make a rectangular shape as shown in the picture above. The terminal ends should be folded at the back.This prevents the vegetable stuffing from coming outside the cover while frying.When the structure is ready, dry heat it in frying pan or even can do the same in a microwave (which has got convection mode) for 1 mins. on both sides.The stuffed structure should not be dry heated more than 2 mins. in order to avoid burn out.Now take oil in a container and deep fry the structure , allowing the rolls to turn golden brownish. Remove it to a serving plate and it's ready to be eaten.One may enjoy it with tomato sauce, chilli sauce or sauce of one's choice.

This is a very good vegetarian snacks, or even can be used as a starter in a dinner party. Tastes delicious with hard drinks even.I must admit to my readers that it is a modern version of samosa , but obviously a much healthier version compared to it.Enjoy cooking , enjoy creating new versions and I am sure that you will enjoy life.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Spinach Sandwich- a gift to good health

Spinach sandwich is a healthy version , quite easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.This sort of food is mainly available in the western countries , very popular in Europe.I was watching a television  program and was motivated to prepare this.A right combination of raw and green vegetables , prepared with no oil/fat/butter is also ideal for those who are on diet or suffering from heart diseases.

Ingredients:Bread (preferably long ones 1/2 pound), spinach leaves (2 bundles, freshly bought from the market),tomato( 1 big grated), onion(1 big grated), garlic paste(1 teaspoon), tomato sauce(2 teaspoons), mayonnaise sauce(1 teaspoon, but not mandatory while you want to prepare a health food), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: Wash the spinach leaves very nicely under running water and chop it to smaller pieces.Care should be taken that spinach leaves should not contain any dust or germs.Keep it aside.Take 1/2 teaspoon oil in a container and dash the spinach leaves to it.While the spinach leaves cook , it will become soft after releasing the water content in it.Add the garlic paste for a nice smell.Add the tomato sauce to it.add salt for taste.Check with the help of a spatula if the mixture has been soft and check the salt content in it.Keep it aside.Cut the bread from between and put the pieces on a frying pan and dry heat it(without oil). This will result the bread to be very crispy.Now take about 2 scoops of spinach for one bread spreading and apply chopped tomato, onions to it in minute amount.Can apply mayonnaise sauce for taste , but you may keep it optional in case of dieting.Now put the other half of the bread on it and you will get the delicious spinach sandwich.For the best result can put the sandwich in grill mode of microwave for 1 min.Remove to a plate and it is ready to be served.
Sandwich lovers should not miss this opportunity to try spinach in sandwich and be sure that you are having a diet which gives you vitamin, protein and of course cholesterol free as it involves no butter/oil.Women who are a fitness freak will never miss out this dish after a rigorous work out , for children who fuss with food mothers can be sure that your child will eat with fun and will have a healthy diet as well.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sweet n sour Okra[khatta meetha bhindi]

Sweet n sour Okra is a real classic preparation. Parts of India like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh , Delhi and the Northern part are very fond of this vegetable.A very healthy veg. substitute , and a good source of vitamin also.Okra is not only a delicious vegetable but even cures heart disease and very good for maintaining blood circulation in humans.

Ingredients: Okra [bhindi](300gms diced into small pieces.), onion(2 big sized grated), tomatoes(2 big sized grated), poatato(1 small size diced into small pieces), curd(50gms battered ), sugar(1 teaspoon), green chillis (2-3 nos.), turmeric powder (1 teaspoon), cumin powder(1 teaspoon), coriander powder (1 teaspoon) ,ginger garlic paste(1 teaspoon) ,salt acc. to taste ,coriander leaves for garnishing purpose.

Procedure: Take farm fresh okra from the market , wash nicely and marinate with turmeric powder and salt.Heat oil in a container and dash the diced okra into it. It will start emitting a nice smell of the fresh vegetable.Cook till the vegetable becomes soft.Remove it and keep aside. Cook the potatoes in the container and make it a little soft and remove from the gas, keep aside.Heat oil in a container and add sugar to it.this will give a very nice color.Dash tomatoes, onions in heated oil and cook till they become soft. Add ginger garlic paste , cumin powder, coriander powder and ultimately add the battered curd to it.Mix it well with the help of a spatula till the contents take  an even form.Add the already cooked okra and potatoes to it.Stir well and allow the vegetables to mix well with the spices. Add salt acc. to taste and add green chillis to it.While stirring you may add one cup water. The gravy should be attractive but should not be very liquid. The water content should be maintained.When cooked for about 5-7 minutes you may add chopped coriander leaves and garnish the dish. Remove the entire content to a serving bowl .
This preparation is quite easy and not at all time taking.Okra is a very essential, nutritious element and the combination of curd and other vegetables makes a very good choice in summer.This may be served with chapatis, steaming rice.Enjoy the delicacies of simple vegetarian food.

Fried vermicilli- tongue licking deal

Vermicilli fried is not a regular dish.Vermicilli is an item which is available all over the world in various forms.A very easy and less time consuming affair, a wonderful solution to a 'feel hungry' timing.

Ingredients:Vermicilli (200gms.), onion 2(chopped in long dices), onion(2 chopped in long dices), capsicum(2 chopped in long dices), spring onion(2 cut into rounded chunks), green peas(20gms.), egg ( 1 in scrambled form) , tomato sauce ( 2 teaspoon), soya sauce(2 teaspoon).

Procedure: Take oil in a container and dash the vermicilli in it.Fry till it becomes changes color. Should be golden brownish but should not burn out. Care should be taken while frying. Keep the slightly fried vermicilli apart. Next dash the vegetables in heated oil and carefully cook the vegetables till it becomes soft.Add the tomato sauce and soya sauce to it. Add salt acc. to taste. When the vegetables are ready add the vermicilli to it and mix with the help of spatula .  Add 1 cup water to the entire content and wait till the vermicilli becomes boiled and soft.In case the water dries up and the vermicilli does not becomes soft then you may add another half cup of water.  Care should be taken that the vermicilli should not burn out or stick to the container. You will get a nice dish . Before serving you can add scrambled eggs to it. Vegetarian people can have it without egg. This dish will undoubtedly  bring about a variety to the way people consume vermicilli.

This can be considered as a good lunch box item,office goers can try this and I am sure you will love to wait for lunch break.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Spinach Roll- a healthy crunchy bite

Process of filling spinach stuff and rolling

filled stuffings

Yummy n healthy fillings

Spinach Roll is a very unusual food item, which is not really available in the market.Spinach has got it's own nutritious values-proteinaceous, vitaminous.Today's woman has to think of fulfilling her duties towards her family and take smart steps towards culinary art.A fulfilling diet which satisfies the taste buds as well as accomplishes the criteria of 'total nutrition' is what the choice of majority .

Ingredients: White flour (200gms.), spinach(2 bundles, normal size available in the market),onion( 1 grated into small pcs.), tomato(1 grated into small pcs.),tomato sauce (4-5 teaspoons), turmeric powder(2 teaspoons), salt acc. to taste, coriander powder(1 teaspoons), ginger paste(1 teaspoon) ,tissue paper for wrapping purpose.

Procedure: Make a dough with the white flour , salt and little water.Use your hand to make the dough and make sure that the dough becomes really smooth with no dumpings existent in it.Keep it aside.Take the spinach bundles, wash properly under running water to make sure that it does not contain the minutest amount of dirt and germs.Cut the leaves into smaller pieces.Take 1 teaspoon oil in a container and dash the spinach leaves to it.Cook till the vegetable becomes soft. Add turmeric powder, coriander powder, ginger paste for bringing in  the ultimate taste of the vegetable.Add salt acc. to taste and check the content with the help of a spoon. It becomes a soft and tasty mix.Keep it aside.Make small balls from the dough prepared earlier and start making rolls out of it with the help of a chappati roller.The rolls should not excees 4 inches in diameter.Heat a frying pan and dry heat the rolled dough, till it takes the shape of a chappati.Can apply 1-2 teaspoons of oil to make a fluffy parantha(Indian bread). When the parantha is ready may keep it aside.Can make 2-4 paranthas with the dough , required specification which is mentioned above.Take the parantha and fill it laterally with spinach stuffings with the help of a teaspoon.Put grated onions and tomatoes to it in a line as showed in the pictures above.Add tomato sauce to it.Readers may follow the step wise process as depicted in the pictorial representation.Once the parantaha stuffings are ready , it can be wrapped with tissue paper and it is ready to serve.

This  recipe may appear to be a time taking one , but really if you analyse all the ingredients used are essential for health and one has to prepare them regularly/semi regularly. This is only to show how to add glory to your hard work and get a beautiful dish as resultant.I am sure that people of all ages will definitely like it , cherish the taste and will want to have it again.As for busy mothers are concerned , put an end to feeding fussy toddlers , simply serve your child this dish and see him licking his fingers.After all, experimentation with food can be a great fun.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Brinjal in mustard sauce- a tantalizing deal!

Brinjal in mustard sauce is a unique discovery.People who have allergy out of brinjal and mustard may abstain from it for health reasons.But if one can get good quality farm fresh brinjal and mustard seeds this exceptional dish will be worth, I guess and suggest to all my friends.

Ingredients: Farm fresh brinjals(2 medium sized chunked into pieces), tomato (grated medium sized), mustard seed (about 20 gms.grinded to an even paste), green chillis(2 nos.), curd(2-3 teaspoons), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: You must take farm fresh , seedless brinjals from the market. It should be diced into medium pieces.These should be marinated with turmeric powder and salt , then fried in oil till the vegetable gets soft.Remove the vegetable and keep aside.Mustard seed should be soaked in water for at least 30 mins. before grinding in a mixer grinder. Care should be taken that the paste must be even and smooth.Keep the mustard paste aside.Heat oil in a container and dash the grated tomatoes in it.Add the green chillis and cook for about 1/2 min so that it emits a nice flavor.Now take the mustard paste and add to the mixture.Mix it well with the help of a spatula, add curd to it to get the ultimate sour n sweet taste.People who like a little bit sweet taste can add 1-2 teaspoon sugar to it.This step is  optional.After mixing the entire content you can add the brinjal, add little water about half a cup , and allow the vegetable to be embedded with the entire content .After cooking for 2 mins. you can switch off the gas burner.Add salt according to taste.The resultant dish will be really tantalizing and mouth watering.
You can serve it with steaming hot rice or even chapattis.For any vegetarian reader it is my request never miss this opportunity to try this dish.With the least of effort you will get a delicious dish and can enjoy with your family and friends.

Mashed banana fritters

Mashed banana fritters are one of the most easily available and easy to prepare dish.Not only an innovation but this variety brings about a break in the normal routine food items.A very much palatible dish for the children , mothers make sure that they can have some essential fruits like banana.

Ingredients: 3 medium sized ripe bananas, white flour(3 table spoons), marie biscuit (2 pcs. crunched), sugar (3 teaspoons), milk (3 teaspoons)

Procedure:Mash the bananas with the help of your hands .Add white flour, sugar to it.Add the crunched marie biscuits to it for giving a very crispy appearance.In case the dough is very tight you can apply milk to it , just to make the dough manageable.Make small parts of the dough and keep them as small balls.Heat oil in a container and when the oil is ready release the balls . It will take about 2 mins for the balls to cook on both sides.When they have taken a golden brownish appearance then you can take them out of the container and allow place in a tissue , allowing the extra oil to be absorbed.Serve it in a serving plate.
This dish will have an awesome sweet taste and will bear a very crispy appearance. You can feel the crisp in every bite.You can treat it as a snacks item, tiffin box item, take away item for picnics and so on.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Vegetable sandwich fritters

Vegetable Sandwich fritters can be rightly said as a fusion dish .Pao pakora is a delicious food found in all the nooks and corners of India.Switching on a much healthier recipe , this dish is not only wholesome but brings about a variety to normal sandwich consumed by an individual every morning.

Ingredients:Cauliflower(50gms.), Onion(1 medium size chopped), tomato(1 medium sized chopped), capsicum(1 medium sized chopped), peas (20gms), bread (1 pound), mayonnaise sauce (20gms.), egg( battered), white flour(4 teaspoons), salt acc. to taste, tomato sauce(4 teaspoons).

Procedure:Heat oil in a container and dash the vegetables onion, tomato, cauliflower, peas in it.Cook until it is soft and add salt to it. Remove it when the vegetables are nicely cooked.Make a paste with mayonnaise sauce in desired amount as mentioned above.Add 2 teaspoon tomato sauce to it. Keep it aside. Take the sliced bread and slit from between giving it a triangle shape.Fill the vegetables inside and place the other half making a double trainagle shape as shown in the picture.Prepare a batter with egg and white flour.Add tomato sauce to it for a sweet n sour taste.Dip the triangled bread into the batter and make sure that the batter covers the two sides well.Heat oil nicely and release the battered bread in oil . Cook for 2 minutes. The bread takes a a very nice golden brownish color and starts emitting nice smell which makes you feel hungry from that moment onwards.Wipe the excess oil with the help of a tissue paper and serve it on a dish along with vegetables of your choice.Enjoy it with tomato sauce, tomato garlic sauce, chilli sauce or any sauce of your choice.
I guarantee this will definitely bring a change to your daily breakfast routine. Infact it is suggested that one can keep the stuffed sandwich and batter in refrigerated condition and just fry the same in the next morning.Of course one has to bring the stuffed sandwich down  to normal temperature before frying.This item is not only wholesome but a result of innovation with common ingredients available in daily life.Remember , variety is not only the spice but keeps one's mind and body fresh.Time to enjoy varieties of food.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Baked Vegetables in white sauce

Baked vegetables is an ideal meal for those people who are always running against time.To have whole nutrition in limited time , this dish is the real desired.With easily available ingredients in your kitchen or with vegetables of your choice , baked vegetables can win the hearts of many.

Ingredients: Cauliflower(100gms.), carrot(100gms. diced into equal chunks),potato(100gms.diced into equal chunks), capsicum(1 small cut into small pieces),green peas(20gms.), tomato(1 small grated into small pieces), tomato sauce, chillis(depending on ones taste), white flour(30 gms.), milk (1 lt.), butter(20gms.), spring onions, tomato sauce(3-4 teaspoons) ,black pepper(1 teaspoon powdered), salt acc. to taste, celery(for decoration, optional)

Procedure: Take butter in a container.Allow it to melt. Then add white flour(maida) to it and stirr on a continuous basis.Add 100cc milk to it and make a paste with the help of spatula.Care should be taken that no lumps should be formed.After stirring continuously an even paste will be formed.Add salt to it. This is the white sauce.Boil the vegetables(cauliflower, carrot,potatoes,green peas) in water for 10 mins.Remove when it is soft but should not smash.Can check it with the help of spatula.Add the boiled vegetables to the prepared white sauce.Add the cut tomatoes, capsicum, chillis to it.Mix the vegetables well with the content. Check the salt content separately and if neccessary add more salt to it.The look should be a very mind boggling one with the multi coloured vegetables showing all over.Add the tomato sauce and powdered black pepper to it.Remove it to a serving bowl and decorate it with chopped celery.

This dish is ideally served with hot , toasted bread.The combination is really worth and very filling.Since this preparation already contains white flour to it, this can be consumed even without any side dish.This preparation is rich in protein, vitamin, protein, carbohydrates and can be termed as wholesome diet.So, office goers , who are always running short of time can go for it and mothers are sure that this is an ideal diet for fussy toddlers.Explore the easy means to nutritious food, explore life.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pancake- easy way to yummy filling snacks

Pancake is a food of English origin.Quite filling, this dish can be prepared easily , just by the availability of three basic ingredients.For busy moms it is an ideal item to prepare for child's lunch box, evening snacks or even breakfast item.

Ingredients: White flour[Maida](100gms.), egg (1 no.), milk (1 cup), grated onion (1 small sized), grated tomatoes(1 small sized), capsicum (1/2 pc. grated), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: Batter the egg in a container, add the white flour and milk to it.Batter it well with the help pf a spatula or egg whipper.Add the grated onions, tomatoes, capsicum , salt and again batter it nicely.Care should be taken that it becomes a heavy dough and does not scatter while experimenting with a spatula.Just take a big spoon and fill up one scoop. Heat oil in a pan and slowly scatter the dough in the scoop and spread over the pan.It takes an even shape and spreads like a dosa.When one side is cooked then turn the other side and cook nicely.Both the sides should turn slightly brownish , then switch off the gas . The amount of ingredients specified above is good for 3 medium sized pancakes.

Perhaps this is the easiest preparation and can be done in minutes. Can say that this is the English version of Uttapam. Unlike the later this is a very easy process , ideal for beginners and needs no previous preparation, except the presence of the ingredients in one's kitchen.Give your child a surprise and make sure his tummy is filled.

Soya bean curry-the awesome veggy treat !

Soya bean is a good source of protein.Soya bean processed in this way is very convenient to cook and consume.This can be a very easy to cook , quick item for busy housewives who care for their child's nutrition intake.

Ingredients: Soya bean chunks(250gms.), poatato(1 medium sized , chopped nicely), onions (2 medium sized chopped finely) , tomatoes(2 medium sized chopped), cumin powder (2 teaspoon), capsicum (1/2 pc. grated),coriander powder (2 teaspoon),turmeric powder (1/2 teaspoon), chilli powder (1 teaspoon), ginger garlic paste(1 teaspoon) ,green peas (20gms.)battered curd(5-6) teaspoons, green chillis(2 pcs.), salt for taste, dhania leaves for decoration purpose.

Procedure:Boil the soyabean chunks in water for 7 mins.Put 2 teaspoon salt to it during boiling.Check with the help of a fork if the soyabean has been soft.When it is soft enough strain the water from it and allow it to dry.Heat oil in a container and dash the onions , tomatoes in it.When the vegetable becomes a little soft, add ginger garlic paste to it.Add the cumin powder, coriander powder , chilli powder, salt to the mixture . Add the battered curd to it.Use a spatula to mix the entire content.Add the green peas and cook it to be a little soft along with other vegetables.Add the grated capsicum to the content for ultimate taste and flavor.Add the already boiled soyabean chunks to it . Put about 1/2 cup water to make the content a thick gravy.Slit two green chillis from between and put into the content.Before removing it to a serving bowl, decorate with chopped dhania leaves.
You can serve this palatible dish with paranthas, jeera rice, steamed rice.A very good source of protein, feels like meat chunks in mouth, soya bean is really excellent for its quick cooking capacities.Modern day women always keeps a packet of soya chunks at her kitchen.A great combination of protein and vitamin substitutes, this dish can be a great value in terms of nutrition.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cauliflower korma- a wonder to simple cauliflower!

Cauliflower korma is wonderful combination of cauliflower and curd. This can be called a fusion dish.Veg. eaters who are following simple menu day after day can try this innovative cuisine for a change and experimentation of culinary delight.

Ingredients: Cauliflower (350 gms.), onions(grated 2 pcs.), black pepper (10 seeds approx.), curd(50 gms. battered), milk (1/2 cup),cashew nut paste(4-5 teaspoons), green peas(20 gms.) capsicum(grated 1 small size), green chilli(2 nos.), ginger paste ,bay leaf (2 nos.) ghee (2 teaspoons), potato ( 1 small grated), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure:Boil the cauliflower in water for about 7 mins.This is mainly to soften the vegetable.Drain the water and dry up the cauliflower.Heat oil in a container.Add the cauliflower in it , make sure that it is fried well from all sides . Remove the cauliflower with the help of a spatula and keep aside.Care should be taken that while frying the cauliflower should not burn or turn brownish from either sides.Cook the grated potatoes also and remove , keep aside for further cooking. Dash the grated onions in it. Add black pepper , bay leaves and red chillis in it while the onions are being cooked.Add ginger paste to it.Add the green peas and the cashew nut paste to it.Add the required amount of ghee for a wonderful essence.Add the battered curd along with milk in the container.Add the cauliflower and potatoes to it.Cauliflower and potatoes were already semi cooked.One main point of consideration is that the vegetables should not be over cooked neither should change the color.Add the grated capsicum and green peas to it.Add green chillis, salt acc. to taste to the dish , cook for about 10-15 mins just before turning off the gas.Remove the content to a serving bowl and serve to your guests/family.
The best combination with this type of preparation is naan/parantha/puri/jeera rice.Korma is basically a Mughlai preparation , and cauliflower is a veg item. This fusion dish will really win the hearts of many.Keep your family and friends spell bound by your cooking skills.

Yummy Pizza-now at your home

Pizza is a dish which in one word sounds yummy to each and every person of all ages.We spend a lot of money in the restaurants for pizzas , but truly speaking, making pizzas is not tough.At least for children to enjoy yummy dishes , pizza is the best choice.

Ingredients: Pizza bread ( 1 big size), tomato spread (6 teaspoons), Onion(1 finely grated), tomato(1 finely chopped), boiled corns( 10 gms.), Mozzarela cheese (150 gms.).

Procedure: Take the pizza bread and evenly spread the tomato paste.One can buy tomato paste in the market, else tomato puree mixed with salt will also do.Spread the onions and tomatoes over the pizza .Spread the boiled corns over it. Take the mozzarela cheese in and grate with the help of grater . Must take the grater and the cheese evenly all over the pizza. Rather best is to grate the cheese above the pizza.Grating should be even till it covers the pizza.When it is complete place the pizza bread in the microwave and keep for 3-4 mins.Remove from the microwave and it is ready to be served hot.Non vegetarian people can give a toppings of chicken, mushroom  as one's choice.

In cases if you want to celebrate your child's birthday at home, pizza can be a great choice.I guarantee you, sit down with calculator in your hand you will see a great cost savings.So, no more pizza from Pizza Hut but from your kitchen.......same taste , even yummier.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Bread Pulao- A yummy treat with tea!

Bread Pulao is a quite easy to make evening snacks that can be prepared from simple ingredients which are always available in one's home.Very convenient for busy mothers and working women to prepare this recipe.This can be a very delicious lunch item for children.

Ingredients:Bread (1/2 pound), cauliflower (50 gms.), green peas (20 gms.), capsicum(1 small size grated), tomato (1 medium size grated), onion(1 small size grated), carrot(1/2 pc. cut into small chunks), cashew nut & raisins(about 10 gms),ghee (1 teaspoon), dhania leaves(for decoration purpose), sugar ( 2 teaspoons), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure:Take bread and crumb it to pieces with the help of your hands.Can use little water to make the bread soft.Keep it aside.Heat oil in a container and dash cauliflower, carrot, capsicum to it. Cook until the vegetables becomes soft.Add onions , tomatoes to it.Care should be taken that the vegetables should not become brownish or burn out.Add the softened bread to the mixture. Add cashew nuts and raisins to it.Add the sugar to it and minimum amount of salt.Mix the entire content nicely with the help of spatula.You can add little ghee (about 1 teaspoon) to it for a nice flavour.Remove the entire content in a serving plate and decorate with dhania leaves .
This can be a quick recipe for  children lunch boxes, provided all vegetables can be cut before hand and kept in refrigerated condition overnight.Life can be easy and enjoyable with simple innovations.

Mashed Brinjal fried(baingan bharta)....really delicious veggy treat!!

Baingan Bharta is a very delicious veg treat , specially popular in Northern India.When vegetables are farm fresh veg. treats are real mouth watering.Various parts of India specially Punjab observed 'green revolution' , and proves that real veg. treat is beyond meat eaters imagination.Lets see the method of preparation.

Ingredients:Big brinjal (2 pieces), onions grated(2pcs.), tomatoes (2 pcs. grated), ginger garlic paste ( 1 teaspoon ),1 egg scrambled (optional),green peas ( 20 gms.), green chillis(2-3 pcs.), cumin powder (2 teaspoons), coriander powder (2 teaspoons),chilli powder(1 teaspoon),turmeric powder (1/2 teaspoon) , salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: Procure farm fresh big sized brinjals from the market, slit from in between and put it on oven for roasting.The roasting should be done for 25- 20 mins. and both sides should be done equally till the skin of the brinjal becomes dark, thick and the inside becomes soft enough. Use a spoon to check if the flesh of the brinjal is soft and ready.Remove it aside and allow to cool down.After 2 mins. use our hands to peel off the skin , which becomes brittle after roasting and cooling.Repeat the same process with two brinjals.Mash the soft flesh part of the brinjals with a spatula or even with your hands.You will  get an  even mixture of mashed brinjals. Heat oil in a container and dash the grated onions, tomatoes in it.cook till the vegetables get soft. Add the ginger garlic paste, cumin powder, coriander powder ,turmeric powder,chilli powder.Add salt acc. to taste.Add the green peas and mix well. Green peas will give both nutritious values and a good look to the dish Add the mashed brinjals to it and mix well with the help of a spatula.For best results you can add scrambled eggs to this mixture to make it even delicious.Though this is an an optional step and vegetarian people can stick to strictly veg. specification. Add green chillis slit in between on the mixture and add fresh dhania leaves for a mind boggling farm fresh essence. Remove the content to a serving bowl. You can serve it with chapattis, puri.

Vegetarian cuisine can be delicious.A pick of fresh vegetables can even add taste, nutrition to the dish you cook.Vegetarian menu is very good for people suffering from diabetes and uric acid in blood stream.So, it's a suggestion to the vegetarian cooks that explore food, explore permutation-combination,and get the real spice from life.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Chicken Hariyali- a different experience to chicken!

Chicken Hariyali is an exclusive experience to enjoy chicken.The green color adds glory to the dish. This dish is popular in Punjab and other parts of Northern India .This is not a regular item of chicken , but tastes yummy when prepared with great care abd expertised hand.

Ingredients: Chicken (250 gms cut into small pieces),onions (grated 2 pcs.), tomatoes(grated 2 pieces), green peas(20 gms, but it's optional) ,cumin powder(2 teaspoons), coriander powder (2 teaspoons), chilli powder ( 1 teaspoon), garam masala powder (1 teaspoon), curd ( battered 50 gms,), ginger garlic paste(1 teaspoon), Palak (about 4 bundles , normal size that is available in the market).

Procedure: Wash palak nicely under water and boil for 10 mins.Drain the water as it is considered to contain the impurities, chemicals , germs that gets contaminated from the market.When cooled down, you can grind in the mixer grinder to get an even paste.Keep it aside.Marinate the chicken with curd, ginger garlic paste for about 30 mins.Heat oil in a container and fry the marinated chicken till it get nicely cooked and soft.For this preparation, the chicken should be boneless and cut into evenly shaped pieces.After the chicken is cooked remove and keep aside. Dash the grated onions and tomatoes in the container and cook till it becomes a paste.Add ginger garlic paste , cumin powder , coriander powder to it till it takes a nice color and consistency.I have added green peas for a better result but that depends on oneself and individual's taste buds whether to add it or not.Add the palak paste to it.Add the battered curd to give it a thick texture and taste.Add the cooked chicken.With the help of a spatula mix the entire content till it gets a uniform green color all over and the chicken mingles with the green paste.Just before removing add garam masala paste to give the ultimate of essence .
The luscious taste of palak along with soft chicken altogether gives a thrilling  taste. This enjoyable meal can be enjoyed with chapati, tandoori roti, naan .This is a very nuritious and delicious treat as it gives you proteinoceous as well as vitaminous values.Anyways chicken cooked along with vitamins gives a wholesome diet.You are sure to give your family the perfect diet.

Chola Bhatura-Yummy treat for family dinner!

Chola Bhatura is a delicious , tongue licking treat for one's family.Chola Bhatura is a very popular street food available in all parts of India.Delicious and interesting in preparing , let me share my experience with you.

Ingredients: Maida(white flour 300gms.),  yeast 1/2 teaspoon,salt acc. to taste, kabuli chana( 200gms.) soaked overnight along with little baking soda to make it bigger size by expansion),onions grated ( 2 big size), tomatoes grated ( 2 big size), cumin powder (1 teaspoon), coriander powder(1 teaspoon), dry mango powder (1 teaspoon), chilli powder (1 teaspoon),{in case if someone uses chola bhatura special spice available in the market can use in determined percentage as per instructions written in the packet}, garlic ginger paste(1 teaspoon), garam masala powder( 1 teaspoon).

Procedure: Boil the soaked kabuli chana for 25 mins in pressure cooker.The chola already becomes soft and fluffy which resulted from soaking overnight with baking soda in it.Put a little salt while boiling the kabuli chana.After boiling check with a spoon, press to see if the chola is really soft or not.Keep it aside.Heat some oil in a container.Add the chopped vegetables like onion, tomatoes in it.Cook till the vegetables becomes soft. Add cumin powder, coriander powder, dry mango powder, chilli powder, ginger garlic paste in it.Mix the content very well with the vegetables.It starts emitting a nice essence , which starts enhancing your appetite.After the mixture is cooked for about 1 min. then add the chanas to it and start mixing with a spatula.The entire content takes a nice reddish brown color, as a result of the mixture of various spices.Check the salt and add further if required.Put garam masala to it just before finishing the cooking process.Your chola masala is ready.

Make a dough of maida with required water, salt and minute amt. of oil(1 teaspoon). Mix it nicely using your hands and put yeast powder to it.Keep the entire content for 30 mins.Close it with a lid.Yeast helps the mixture to be fluffy enough by oxygenation process. The more you use your hands to mould the better is the mixture .After 30 mins you can make small balls out of the entire mixture.Use a chapati roller to make equal rounds. While rolling the doughs you may have to use little oil in it.I will advise to use brush while applying oil on the dough to make the rolling even smoother.After the rounds are made then it is ready to fry.Heat oil for 2 mins. and carefully release the rolled doughs to it.You will see beautiful fluffy bhaturas coming up in the kadhai.

Now the chola and bhatura is ready. Serve it with salads-onions, tomatoes, carrots or vegetables of your choice.For best tantalizing effect apply 2 drops of fesh lime juice on the chola masala.I bet you will never forget the taste.Home cooking avoids ill health of your family members as the oil used is of superior quality compared to the restaurants.So, eat healthy , stay healthy , enjoy food and enjoy life.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Tilapia Kenyaja- a wonder to culinary delight!

Tilapia Kenyatta is a delicious wonder available in Kenyan restaurants. Every creed has it's own style of preparing a patricular dish.Tilapia is a very commonly available fish in Kenya.This particular methodology of preparation was learnt from a chef , who revealed the cuisine secret to me and let me share the same with you.

Ingredients: Tilapia fillet (300 gms.), grated capsicum (big 1 ), grated onion(big 1), grated tomato(2 big), Spring onion(chopped-1 small), tomato sauce(3 teaspoons), chilli sauce (3 teaspoon), garlic paste( 1 teaspoon), soya sauce (2 teaspoon), vinegar(3 teaspoon), egg ( 1 battered) , carrot( 1 big size chopped)salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: Cut the vegetables into long pieces.Carrots ,capsicum should be cut into long pieces , as it should be prominently seen in the dish. Tomatoes and onions can be cut into small pieces.Spring onions should be cut into small round pieces.The tilapia fish should be cut into small pieces of say 2-2 diamension, which is an ideal size for frying evenly. The fish pieces should be marinated in battered egg, vinegar, soya sauce, salt for about 30 mins. Heat oil in a container and deep fry the fish pieces.The fish pieces should be evenly fried from both  sides.The pieces should be fried till it attains a golden brown color.Remove the fishes and keep aside.The fishes will attain a firm contour.Heat oil in a container and add vegetables to it .Carrots , tomatoes, onions , spring onions should be cooked for 2 mins till they become soft enough.Add tomato sauce, chilli sauce, soya sauce, vinegar , salt to it.When the sauce is ready it will take beautiful dark color.The essence of garlic will dominate the overall attitude of the dish but should not smell too strong even, the desired percentage should be maintained.Add the fishes to the sauce.You may add battered egg, vinegar, soya sauce and cornflower in very minute percentage for giving it a thick gravy appearance.With the help of a spatula mix the fish with the sauce and cook for about 1minute.Can decorate with chopped celery.

Fish cooked in this way is quite innovative and a quite new experience to me. The taste was tantalizing  and interesting. We as a family enjoyed to a large extend. I hope friends if you try this procedure, I am sure you will enjoy the adventure of experiencing this 'never before' sort of dish.After all variety is the spice of life.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Doi Ilish - the pride of East Bengal!

Ilish (Hilsa) is called the king of all fish for it's wonderful taste and 'never to forget' essence.Hilsa are of many varieties , best type is available in Dacca of Bangladesh.Cooking Hilsa is simple and this is a recipe which can be prepared in no time by any cook who's a fresher.

Ingredients: Hilsa fish (big size laterally sized equally),kalo jeera/black cumin(minute amt.), turmeric powder(1 teaspoon), mustard oil , green chilli(3-4 pcs.), Curd (unsalted about 200 gms.)salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: Clean the fish and cut into equal pieces starting from the head side.Care should be taken while cleaning ,that the bile duct should not be tampered.Else it will give the entire fish a very bitter taste. Expert fishermen/vendors can successfully chop the fish into equal pieces without tampering the bile duct.Clean the fish and marinate with salt and turmeric powder.Hilsa fish has it's own essence and a good fish is identified by fresh smell.Keep in mind that unlike other fishes , Hilsa never gives a fishy smell.Heat oil in a container . Take the delicate fish and carefully release them in the heated oil.Hilsa being a very soft fish, care should be taken that the fish should not break from in between.After releasing slowly , cook it for about 1 minute on both sides of the fish.Hilsa fish should always be deep fried but should not wait for the color to change to brownish as it has it's own beautiful color.Remove the pieces and keep aside.Dash a little kalo jeera(black cumin ) seed in the oil and fry for about 1 min till a nice smell emits out.Take the pot of curd and batter it nicely with the help of a spoon or whipper.Pour the entire content of the batter in the oil.You will hear cracking sound till the curd settles down in the oil.Use a spatula to make an even mixture with the curd.Add chillis sliced from the middle and salt to it. Add the fish to it.Allow to cook for about 1 minute and then put off the gas.Remove the entire content in a nice serving bowl.Serve your guests Hilsa fish along with basmati rice. I guarantee that they will be bewildered  and enjoy to their ultimate.

Hilsa is an item which is used in festivals of Bengal.In occasions like marriage Hilsa is an essential item.During jamai sasthi (a festival meant for the son in laws) or pujas Hilsa is not only a must but reaches the peak of price as the demand is always high.A fresh Hilsa will emit a mind boggling smell whenever it is served hot.To non vegetarians , it's my request never miss Hilsa!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Rajma Curry ......Lajawab!!

Rajma is a very easily available lentil in India Preparing rajma is very easy.Very much proteinaceous in nature, rajma curry along with roti makes a very palatible dish.Very much popular in northern India,rajma chawal wins the heart of everybody.Lets see the easy process of preparation.

Ingredients: Rajma dal 200 gms to be soaked in water overnight ,coriander powder(3 teaspoons), cumin powder( 3 teaspoons), dry mango powder(1 teaspoon), red chilli powder(1 teaspoon), garlic ginger paste(1 teaspoon), salt acc. to taste, grated onions( 2 big size), grated tomato(2 big size), dhania leaves for decoration, lime extract (1/2 teaspoon).

Procedure: Boil the soaked lentil for 20 mins and allow it to be soft. With the help of a spatula check it's softness.Keep it aside.Heat oil in a container till hot.Add the chopped onion, tomato and cook till the vegetables get soft. Add ginger garlic paste and mix with the vegetables. The mixture starts emitting nice smell.Add the spices coriander powder, cumin powder, dry mango powder, chilli powder and stirr with the main mixture.Add salt according to taste.The mixture attains an attractive brownish red color. The red color of the tomato dominates the color of the entire content.Cook the entire content untill it becomes a thick gravy and the vegetables mix nicely with the lentils to give a prefect result. When it is about to completion, pour 1/2 teaspoon of lime extract to it. I guarantee the taste will tantalise your tastebuds, leave your mouth lingering for sometime. For a choice you may decorate the rajma with dhania patta and chopped green chillis before transferring in  a serving bowl.

Rajma tastes wow with chapati/nun/rice.For a best result serve rajma with basmati rice.Just take your plate and imagine Punjab.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tofu - A snacks of chinese origin

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Tofu is a snacks which is very popular in China. The methodology is quite simple.One day I was watching a chinese movie where I had the idea of making this food item with all things available in my house.Stories apart, but this can be a very good food for your children or any guest who gives you a surprise visit.

Ingredients: White flour (300gms.), cottage cheese (100gms) ,Capsicum(1 big  chopped finely), Onion ( 1 big chopped finely) , tomato( 1 medium chopped), spring onion (4-5 pieces chopped, boiled corn (20 gms ), soya sauce( 2 teaspoons) , garlic paste(1 teaspoon) ,tomato sauce( 2 teaspoon), chilli sauce(2 teaspoon), vinegar(1 teaspoon), cheddar cheese (20 gms.shredded with the help of a shredder)), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: Make a dough of  white flour with water and salt. Apply 1/2 teaspoon of yeast and keep it aside for 1 hour.Take about a little oil (about 4-5 teaspoon) in a container and heat it.Add the above mentioned vegetables onion, tomato, spring onion, corn and cook till the vegetables are soft.Add tomato sauce , chilli sauce , soya sauce , garlic paste to the mixture for a nice flavour and taste.It will give an attractive dark brown color.Add salt according to taste.Cut the cottage cheese (paneer) to medium pieces and keep aside.Allow the vegetables in the container to cool down.Take the dough and divide it into 14 equal balls . Little pores start coming up in the dough because of the presence of yeast. Yeast makes the dough fluffy.Now take a chapati roller and roll the balls to make equal round shapes.With the help of a spoon put 1 pc. of chunked paneer along with one scoop of the cooked vegatables and  1 scoop of shredded cheese in the rounded shapes .Fold the other side of the ball. Adjust it from four sides so that it takes a square shape as it is shown in the above picture.Make the item firm enough and care should be taken that the content inside should not break the covering and burst outside.Do not stuff vegetables in such a way that it compels the covering to burst.Heat oil in a kadhai untill hot. Leave the stuffed items in the kadhai and cook until it becomes golden brownish .It should be fried till 2 mins maximum. Serve it with tomato sauce or sauce of your choice.

This is a nice choice of a filling wholesome snacks.It has proteinaceous values, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Delicious Dal Vada(lentil fry)

Dal Vada is a special snacks of indian origin.Even it is a very popular street food in all metros.Easy to prepare and quite 'stomach-filling' , let me share the secret of this recipe with you .

Ingredients:  Mung dal (300 gms to be soaked overnight), kari patta (1-2 leaves). onion (1 small size finely chopped), tomatoes(1 finely chopped),chilli (1 small nicely chopped) salt acc. to tast.

Procedure: Take the soaked mung dal and make to a paste with the help of grinder.Keep the content for some time.Take little oil in a pan and dash kari patta, onion , tomatoes in it.Add the mung dal mixture in the pan and mix properly.add slat for taste.This process will give a very good essence.The vegetable mix(onion, tomatoes, chilli) should not be cooked to brown color, it should be just slightly cooked till it becomes soft.Remove the entire content into a plate and allow it to cool down.Make small balls with your hand and keep it to solidify a little so that it may take a shape.The percentage of chilli depends on one's taste buds.But in case if you are serving to the children it's advisable not to use much chillis.When the oil is ready then deep fry each small ball for 2 mins until it is nicely cooked and has taken a handsome golden brown color.
When Mc. Donals, Pizza hut was not famous ,these were the form of evening snacks people used to enjoy.Filled with proteinaceous values, this is a very healthy substitute to have with tea/ coffee.Very good for fussy toddlers and ever to be remembered for it's delicious taste.These sort of preparation are an attempt to switch to 'healthy lifestyle'.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Paneer Malai - A tasty treat !

Malai Paneer is a typical North Indian dish. Quite easy to prepare , with this quick recipe hand.Paneer is the ultimate source of protein specially for vegetarian people.Very useful recipe for people who are freshers as cook, or for bachelor, forced bachelor people.

Ingredients: Paneer (350 gms cut into small chunks.), Onion grated ( 2-3 pcs.), Tomato grated(2 pcs.),green peas (20gms.) , green chilli (1-2 pcs.), cumin powder(2 teaspoons), coriander powder(2 teaspoon) , red chilli powder(1 teaspoon), ginger garlic paste(1 teaspoon), curd ( 20 gms battered) , milk cream(10 gms battered), garam masala powder(1 teaspoon), salt as per taste.

Procedure: Heat oil in a container and add the grated tomatoes ,onions to it.Saute it till it's nicely cooked and becomes reddish brown in color.Add ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder till it mixes well and emits flavour.Add the nicely cut chunked paneer to it.Add salt according to your taste.Mix the entire content nicely , so that it gives a nice royal look. Take the mixture of battered curd and milk and add to the mixture from the top.This will give a very thick , gravy appearance to the dish. Add green peas and cook for 1/2 minute.Add chillis to give it a perfect look. Remove the entire content in a nice serving bowl.Before serving to your guests or family members you may add coriander leaves to give it a nice , 'mind boggling' professional look.
Paneer is a magic item. Whatever you cook turns 'wow' with the addition of a little bit of paneer. To your surprise you may get the admiration of a '5 star chef' with such a royal preparation.
I will say that cooking is never difficult nor it is hazardous and messy. Only you need to have is the inner eye to make it beautiful.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Day out in a Rose farm in Nakuru

 Nakuru is a fastest growing town in East Africa about 100 kms from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.Nakuru has many industries and rose farms, which fetches huge revenue to the country.One fine Sunday we were invited by the Indian executives of a flower farm and were very glad to spend a day amidst nature. About 35 kms drive from Nakuru town , there lies a huge tract of land where millions of flowers are grown.

Rose being a very delicate progeny, green house is constructed to save these plants from the direct contact of sunlight.Also a green house blocks the ultra violet lights to come in direct contact with the plants.Around 1 lac flowers are being plucked and packed everyday . the entire operation is being carried out in a special chamber where a temperature of 4-8 degrees is maintained as an average.

Hundreds of workers are involved in the farm who are engaged in sowing plants, shedding extra leaves, spreading insecticides. The managers in charge of the farm are mainly Indians who are quite experienced .The entire process of work seemed to be very disciplined and accuracy was the main key word.

We could see many new green houses were being constructed . The land was being ploughed and then baby plant cuttings were grafted in the soil.The end products or the harvested rose stems were transferred to the packing house with the help of trolleys.Thousand of pretty flowers on a trolley was a beautiful sight.These flowers are transported in special arrangements are sent to the airports where they are sent to Europe by special cargo planes.

The executives of the farm lives in special guest houses which had all amenities. We had a nice day .