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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pancake- easy way to yummy filling snacks

Pancake is a food of English origin.Quite filling, this dish can be prepared easily , just by the availability of three basic ingredients.For busy moms it is an ideal item to prepare for child's lunch box, evening snacks or even breakfast item.

Ingredients: White flour[Maida](100gms.), egg (1 no.), milk (1 cup), grated onion (1 small sized), grated tomatoes(1 small sized), capsicum (1/2 pc. grated), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: Batter the egg in a container, add the white flour and milk to it.Batter it well with the help pf a spatula or egg whipper.Add the grated onions, tomatoes, capsicum , salt and again batter it nicely.Care should be taken that it becomes a heavy dough and does not scatter while experimenting with a spatula.Just take a big spoon and fill up one scoop. Heat oil in a pan and slowly scatter the dough in the scoop and spread over the pan.It takes an even shape and spreads like a dosa.When one side is cooked then turn the other side and cook nicely.Both the sides should turn slightly brownish , then switch off the gas . The amount of ingredients specified above is good for 3 medium sized pancakes.

Perhaps this is the easiest preparation and can be done in minutes. Can say that this is the English version of Uttapam. Unlike the later this is a very easy process , ideal for beginners and needs no previous preparation, except the presence of the ingredients in one's kitchen.Give your child a surprise and make sure his tummy is filled.


  1. I've had pancakes for breakfast with butter and syrup, but preparing them this way sounds like a wonderful snack! Thank you for this recipe!

  2. Thanks Paula, for ur i have already told..i explore the easy ways, becos i understand being a woman of 21st century, time and energy are real constrains.

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