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Friday, 10 June 2011

Tilapia Kenyaja- a wonder to culinary delight!

Tilapia Kenyatta is a delicious wonder available in Kenyan restaurants. Every creed has it's own style of preparing a patricular dish.Tilapia is a very commonly available fish in Kenya.This particular methodology of preparation was learnt from a chef , who revealed the cuisine secret to me and let me share the same with you.

Ingredients: Tilapia fillet (300 gms.), grated capsicum (big 1 ), grated onion(big 1), grated tomato(2 big), Spring onion(chopped-1 small), tomato sauce(3 teaspoons), chilli sauce (3 teaspoon), garlic paste( 1 teaspoon), soya sauce (2 teaspoon), vinegar(3 teaspoon), egg ( 1 battered) , carrot( 1 big size chopped)salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: Cut the vegetables into long pieces.Carrots ,capsicum should be cut into long pieces , as it should be prominently seen in the dish. Tomatoes and onions can be cut into small pieces.Spring onions should be cut into small round pieces.The tilapia fish should be cut into small pieces of say 2-2 diamension, which is an ideal size for frying evenly. The fish pieces should be marinated in battered egg, vinegar, soya sauce, salt for about 30 mins. Heat oil in a container and deep fry the fish pieces.The fish pieces should be evenly fried from both  sides.The pieces should be fried till it attains a golden brown color.Remove the fishes and keep aside.The fishes will attain a firm contour.Heat oil in a container and add vegetables to it .Carrots , tomatoes, onions , spring onions should be cooked for 2 mins till they become soft enough.Add tomato sauce, chilli sauce, soya sauce, vinegar , salt to it.When the sauce is ready it will take beautiful dark color.The essence of garlic will dominate the overall attitude of the dish but should not smell too strong even, the desired percentage should be maintained.Add the fishes to the sauce.You may add battered egg, vinegar, soya sauce and cornflower in very minute percentage for giving it a thick gravy appearance.With the help of a spatula mix the fish with the sauce and cook for about 1minute.Can decorate with chopped celery.

Fish cooked in this way is quite innovative and a quite new experience to me. The taste was tantalizing  and interesting. We as a family enjoyed to a large extend. I hope friends if you try this procedure, I am sure you will enjoy the adventure of experiencing this 'never before' sort of dish.After all variety is the spice of life.

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