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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Day out in a Rose farm in Nakuru

 Nakuru is a fastest growing town in East Africa about 100 kms from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.Nakuru has many industries and rose farms, which fetches huge revenue to the country.One fine Sunday we were invited by the Indian executives of a flower farm and were very glad to spend a day amidst nature. About 35 kms drive from Nakuru town , there lies a huge tract of land where millions of flowers are grown.

Rose being a very delicate progeny, green house is constructed to save these plants from the direct contact of sunlight.Also a green house blocks the ultra violet lights to come in direct contact with the plants.Around 1 lac flowers are being plucked and packed everyday . the entire operation is being carried out in a special chamber where a temperature of 4-8 degrees is maintained as an average.

Hundreds of workers are involved in the farm who are engaged in sowing plants, shedding extra leaves, spreading insecticides. The managers in charge of the farm are mainly Indians who are quite experienced .The entire process of work seemed to be very disciplined and accuracy was the main key word.

We could see many new green houses were being constructed . The land was being ploughed and then baby plant cuttings were grafted in the soil.The end products or the harvested rose stems were transferred to the packing house with the help of trolleys.Thousand of pretty flowers on a trolley was a beautiful sight.These flowers are transported in special arrangements are sent to the airports where they are sent to Europe by special cargo planes.

The executives of the farm lives in special guest houses which had all amenities. We had a nice day .



  1. Nice write-up Sweta. It must have been quite a learning experience.

  2. ya. of fact rose farms are not a very usual experience in India!!

  3. Sweta, you forgot to mention, Roseto is a company owning number of Rose farms in Salgaa & Sierra and is a big grower & exporter of Rose to European countries, especially Netherlands and they are building up more rose farms by close of 2011 alongwith increase in number of green-houses. It's a part of our Megaspin group and more details are available in

  4. Sweta,

    It sounds like Nakuru is moving in the right direction creating lasting and sustaining job for it people.

    thank you for bring the world to us..


  5. Of course ..Jessica thats a pleasure for me....hope to post many other information on wild life on Kenya in the same post.....