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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cabbage Halwa

Cabbage Halwa is not a regular dish. Long time back in East Bengal there used to be  a tradition of cooking cabbage halwa during the harvest festivals.Cabbage being a good source of protein , this dish can be a very food for the toddlers .  This is a good opportunity for the mothers to feed nutritious food item  to their kids.

Ingredients: Cabbage (1 small size),condensed milk (50gms ),cashew nut & raisins (20 gms), sugar , ghee, elaichi.

Procedure: Grate the cabbage into small pieces and put it to boil till it becomes soft.Remove the water and keep the softened cabbage aside.Straining the water with cabbage extracts will neutralise the bitter taste of it.Next take 2 teaspoons of ghee in a frying pan and add the softened cabbage . cook for 2- 3 min. Care should be taken that the cabbage should not change it's color while cooking in ghee. 2-3 pcs. of elaichi should be added to it for a mind boggling flavour.Add the condensed mik to it and keep adding sugar. The amount of sugar depends on individual but then also halwa is an item which needs to be a bit on the sweeter side.Add raisins and grated cashew nut for a rich look and taste.Remove the entire content in a classy bowl for serving.Refrigerate it for some time. Serve it after meals as  a dessert.

Rich in protein value , this dish is ideal for fussy toddlers and I am sure they will never say no. Gone are the days mummies used to run after kids for feeding . Prepare smart dishes and your kid will eat them smartly in no time.

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