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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Kacha Kolar Kopta(delicacy of Eastern India)

Kacha Kolar Kopta is a typical dish from Eastern India preapred from unripe bananas. The blend of unripe bananas with traditional indian spices gives the dish an awesome taste , unforgettable to people of any tradition and culture.I am sharing my secret recipe with all my freinds, hope they will try at their respective homes and post comments.

Ingredients:  Unripe bananas(4-6 depending upon size), cumin powder( 4 teaspoons) , coriander powder( 4 teaspoons) , turmeric powder ( 2 teaaspoons, grated chillis(2- 4 pieces) ,ginger (grated abt. 1 teaspoon), salt (acc. to taste), mustard oil.

Procedure: Take unripe bananas and boil till they get soft.Mash it with the help of a spoon or spatula and keep aside.Take a frying pan and heat mustard oil( abt. 2-3 teaspoon) . Saute coriander powder, ginger, cumin powder, turmeric powder, chillis (grated) till it takes a golden color.Add the mashed bananas along with the paste and keep stirring till it makes an even paste.Add salt acc. to your taste. Remove the entire content to a plate and keep aside, allow it to cool down.Make flat round balls by pressing against your palms, and make even balls.This amount may give upto 12 balls.Deep fry them in mustard oil. Take care while frying, keeping in mind that the balls should not break from between. Remove the content on a serving plate. Garnish with cut tomaotes, onions , lime for a mind boggling look.Serve the dish with steamed rice.


  1. Sweta very soon we are going to see a Bengali restaurant.A good initiative and thanks.

  2. Thanks Ananda for ur comments, in case if i am successful any day, i will feel it was ur good wishes!!

  3. Sweta, first of all let me congratulate you on this new endeavour. Wouldn't it be necessary to use some kind of binding like besan so that the balls don't break while frying?

  4. No Manashi, it is not necessary, you have to prepare it tight, in case you feel that it is being delicate, then u may use besan/maida in minute percentage. My sincere advice is that, try it and ur mother in law will bless u forever!

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