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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Paneer Mustard curry- a different experience

Paneer is the source of protein and is a tasty item. Whether prepared at home or brought from outside paneer is a magic item and you can have many many combinations with paneer to get exciting,tasty foods. While experimenting with various ingredients , I found that that combination of paneer with mustard and coconut cream makes a mouth watering dish. Let's see the method of preparation of this unique dish. 

Ingredients: (for 4 people)
Paneer[cottage cheese]( 350 gms.)
Mustard seeds (50 gms.soaked overnight and blended)
Coconut cream (50 ml.)
Oil for frying,
Turmeric powder ( 1/2 teaspoon)
Green chillies (3 pcs , slit in between)

Procedure: Chop the paneer chunks(cottage cheese) into smaller chunks. Make equal rectangular dices out of the main block.Marinate with turmeric powder and salt for 5 mins. Heat oil in a container and fry the paneer cubes slightly. Remove and keep aside. Soak the mustard seeds overnight and put in a blender to make an even paste. You may buy fresh coconut cream from the market or make the same in your home. Heat oil in a container and add the blended mustard paste into it. Add the coconut cream into it. Add the paneer chunks which was already fried earlier. Add 1/2 cup of water and mix well with the help of a spatula. Allow to stand for 5 minutes and see the gravy forming a thick content. You may garnish with green chillies slit in between . Remove from the container to a serving bowl and it's ready to serve. 

Paneer Mustard curry is best served with steaming rice. It's a very easy and tasty preparation and consumes the least time for the process of preparation. Anytime whenever you are free and want to experiment with culinary delights , this sort of results are really worth. Enjoy with your family and friends. Remember good food is the source of happiness.


  1. I wish I could cook... I have a way of messing things up badly when I do.

    Sound yummmy



  2. This does look good...what a nice spin on Paneer...I have never seen cottage cheese in chunks before. I am vegetarian and always looking for exciting new dishes...thank you for sharing...I am now following...

  3. thanks , everybody in fact cooking can always be fun with easy tips.

  4. Delicious! I am your newest follower.

  5. Welcome aboard....waiting for your comments.