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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Vermicelli kheer- creamy treat , simply ' wow '

Kheer is the favorite item for all sweet lovers.The tradition of preparing kheer has been descended to generations and Indian housewives master this art. A combination of rice or other carbohydrate with milk is what we mean by kheer. Kheer is a culture food and has it's mentioned in the great Indian epics too. The story goes like Goutama Buddha had once revived to life after having a bowl of kheer by a kind hearted lady. So, if you are an Indian, you must know the method of preparation of kheer. Today's women prefer to prepare kheer with vermicelli or simai as it's easy process and lesser time consuming. 

Vermicelli ( 100 gms., standard packet available in the market),
Milk (full creme, 2 lts.),
Sugar ( 100 gms.),
Raisins(10 gms.),
Cashew nuts ( 10 gms.),
Cardamom ( 5 seeds.),
Butter for frying.

Procedure: Heat butter in a frying pan. Add vermicelli in it and toss for 5 minutes till it changes color to golden brownish. Remove it and keep aside. Heat milk in a container and boil till it becomes thick, creamy and attains a reddish color. Add sugar, raisins, cashew nuts and cardamom to it. In little time it will take a typical reddish tinge. Add the already fried vermicelli to it. Boil till the vermicelli becomes soft. You have to boil for 15 minutes and stir it constantly so that the milk does not stick to the bottom or starts to burn. You should take care that the milk should never get a chance to burn or it might spoil the taste of the kheer. When finished remove it to a classy serving bowl and allow to cool down. You can keep it inside a refrigerator so as to be cold and the resultant dish will take a thick creamy texture. 

You will love the taste of kheer so prepared. It's the ultimate of an Indian sweet dish prepared at home. Kheer in india is prepared in home and a non commercial item. Enjoy kheer with your family and friends, discover the taste which is loved by Indians for generations.


  1. Sweta,

    Looks like a yummie dish...


  2. fist time here. the kheer looks fab.

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