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Friday, 2 September 2011

Vegetables in garlic sauce- a healthy treat

Vegetables are the best source of anti toxins. Studies revel that garlic is a good protector of cholesterol in human bodies. To think of a healthy substitute of food , specially for those who are on restricted diet , vegetables in garlic sauce is the best substitute. A very good combination with bread/ mashed potatoes this is an ideal item for breakfast. Lets see the method of preparation.

Ingredients: (for a preparation of 4 people)
Carrot ( 4 pieces , approximately 150 gms. weight chopped into medium size)
Broccoli ( 1 medium sized, chopped into smaller pieces)
Radish ( 2 pieces chopped into medium pieces)
Capsicum ( 3 medium sized diced into small cubes)
Spring onions ( 3-4 pcs. chopped into smaller pieces, only the white part)
Tomatoes ( 3 medium sized chopped into smaller pieces)
Black pepper ( 3 teaspoons)
Garlic ( 4 cloves chopped into pieces)
Corn flour (1/2 teaspoon)

Procedure: Boil all the vegetables in water for about 8-10 mins till they become soft . Care should be taken so that the vegetables should not be too soft and not mashed. Drain water and keep aside. Heat oil in a container and dash the chopped garlic cloves  into it. It will emit a nice essence. Dash the vegetables which was boiled previously. Add 1/2 cup of water into it. Mix corn flour in required quantity with 50 ml. of water and add to the mixture. Sprinkle black pepper over it. Remove the content to a serving bowl. 

This dish is best served with bread. For people who likes to abstain from spices, this is the best option. For students , forced bachelors who have to cook their own food , this is perhaps the best choice.

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