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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Thompson falls, Nyahururu- the amazing destination

Thompson falls
Kenya is a place where nature appears at her best. I believe, the varieties of interesting destinations in this country makes it one of the most popular  tourist destinations of the world.  I am a nature lover and like to explore exotic spots on weekends along with my family. Nyahururu , is a small town in Kenya lying in the east of Nakuru, a part of Laikipia district in the Rift Valley Province. From Nairobi, its approximately a 3 hour journey by road. The place is known after the giant 70 meter Thompson falls on the nearby Ewaso Nyiaro river which drains from the Aberdare mountain range. The town grew in 1929 around a railway from Gilgil.  This falls get its name from Sir Joseph Thompson , who was a geologist and a naturalist from Scotland, discovered the wonder of nature in the year 1887 while travelling from Mombasa to Lake Victoria.

At the equator

On the way to the great Thompson falls , we came across a spot Subukia , which is  of great geographical importance,  as the Equator passes through it. Amazingly , I felt that I am standing at a place where the so called imaginary line divides the globe into two equal halves- Northern and Southern hemispheres.  Perhaps anybody can demand to stand at the 'middle of the earth'. The approach road is of picturesque scenic beauty, and perhaps an ideal 'painters paradise'. Travelling from the dust of Nakuru it was really enthralling to watch the changing scenario with coffee, tea plantation and the lush of greenery that fights to get one's attention.

Magnificient falls
 The way down the falls was very slippery and stiff. I found it a real challenge to cross the entire way down without once slipping off the feet. I was very conscious and followed the the right aligned way, unlike normal traffic rules, but only difference is that here I found  the rocks on the side which gave  me a great support and saved my dignity from falling down thereafter. That was a Sunday, and so many enthusiasts from the nearby places came down to enjoy amidst the nature's lap.

To climb down was an exciting task and more exciting was the way to climb up , which was a great calorie burning task I had ever faced in my whole life. I could see varieties of plants, rare flowers which paved my way all through and soothed my eyesight.

Surrounding of the falls
Nyahururu is a destination for many foreign tourists and travel writers. A nights stay in this place may vary from 150 -3,500 Kenyan shillings per day. Beautiful lodges with 3 star amenities and standard tour packages are available at very competitve rates and good service.Camping is a very common and popular sport here.  Camping tour for 2 days , 1 night is very convenient and exciting as well. One of the biggest hippo pools is located up the ravine stream.

I believe that its the picuresque scenic beauty and the cool atmosphere  of Kenya which underlies the main reason why Britishers chose this country to settle down years back and till day find it as one of the very popular holiday destinations.


  1. Sweta,realy you presented very nice discription about Thompson Falls...with attractive and beautiful photos...

  2. Excellent narration. You almost took us there!!

  3. thanks sibi, will visit more destination and write for you all .

  4. Thanks for the Africa trip once again, Sweta. :-)

  5. lovely click sweta.....the rainbow at the bottom of the falls is very beautiful...nice capture