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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Chilly fish -a hot fishy deal

Chilly fish is a dish Chinese origin, but we will see the Indian version of it. Since the last five decades Chinese food has gained enormous popularity due to it's easy cooking technique and wide availability all over the world. The Chinese people are very aggressive when it comes to popularizing their food culture.  Since Chinese food is available in every nooks and corners in India, it had become a culture for most of the urban Indians to enjoy Chinese food  at least once a week. 'A yummy , mouth watering , tantalizing dish'  is what I will describe chilly fish to be. Lets see the method of preparing this item.

The choice of fish can be bhetki, tilapia , catla or any sort of carp fish.
Boneless fish ( 400 gms.),
Tomatoes (2 big sized grated),
Onions ( 2 big sized grated),
Capsicum ( 2 medium sized grated),
Garlic ( 1/2 teaspoon in the form of paste and 4 cloves grated),
Corn flour ( 3 teaspoon battered in water mix.),
Eggs ( 2 battered),
Dark Soya sauce ( 5 teaspoons),
Vinegar ( 5 teaspoons),
Aji no moto ( or monosodium glutamate),
Green chillies ( 4 big sized , cut slit and immersed in vinegar),
Black Pepper ( 3/4 teaspoons powdered),
Salt as per taste.

Procedure: The fish procured should be fresh and chopped into medium pieces. The entire amount of fish should be marinated with garlic paste, aji no moto, vinegar and salt  for 15 minutes. Keep it aside. Make a batter of eggs and corn flour. Heat oil in a container. Take the fish pieces , dip in the batter and release them in the frying pan. Cook both sides of the fish till it takes a golden-brownish color. Keep them aside. Heat oil in a container and dash onions, tomatoes, capsicum, chopped garlic  to it. Cook well till the vegetables get soft. Add dark soya sauce, 2 teaspoons of vinegar to it. Sprinkle a pinch of Aji-no moto ( monosodium glutamate should always be in minute quantity). Add the already cooked fish to it. Mix well with the help of a spatula. Add the chillis ( which were slit open and immersed in vinegar ) over the content.  Make a batter with corn flour and eggs and add it over the fish mixture. Mix well with the help of a spatula. The dish takes a very nice, glossy appearance due to the addition of corn flour batter. Sprinkle black pepper all over. Allow to cook for just 5 minutes till the gravy thickens and dries ( 70 %) . In this preparation, the gravy amount is lesser and more or less on the dry side. Remove the content to a serving bowl .

Chilly fish can be enjoyed with fried rice/ hakka chowmein.  Preparing Chinese dish at home is an easy affair. So, be the chef yourself and prepare world class chinese at home. Enjoy with your friends, relatives and family members.


  1. It makes me hungry... Nice looking food item... Like it.