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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A trip around Menangai Crater- the mystery of Africa

View of Menangai crater

Menangai crater is a magnificent sight , located 6 miles North East of Nakuru in Kenya. The massive crater , which is 12 kms. in width and 500mts. in depth is one of the largest calderas of the world. It took me 1 hr. by road from Nakuru while from Nairobi it will take almost 3 hrs. in a car. Menangai crater is said to be an extinct volcano , and said to be still emitting flames(acc. to the locals). Nobody could give a definite information on when this volcano last erupted

Way to Menanagi
The scenario on both sides of the way to Menangai is really picturesque and the lush of greenery did attract my attention. Presence of table top mountains are really enthusiastic as on proceeds the way towards the crater.  I stopped on the way and took some pictures and was overwhelmed by the presence of beautiful attractive flowers that will catch anybody's attention.

Enthralling greenery
The crater is a place which is 8 kms. from main road and is accessible either by car or by foot. Every year there comes thousands of trekkers who love to have the magnificent experience of climbing this historic crater. It's a popular saying that the Menangai crater has many 'spine chilling stories' of agitated spirits and warriors hanging on the area and is called 'Kirima kia ngoma' or the place of spirits. Not to discourage the visitors , but it's been heard that there  are stories  of people disappearing without trace or loosing way all for a sudden.

Post on the highest point

There is a presence of a post at the highest point of the crater which symbolically shows the directions of various cities of the world. Menangai crater offers beautiful hiking spots, geysers, waterfalls , mud holes and the magnificent rays of the sun that glimpses at the center of the crater with the rays glittering away , in one word a 'heavenly beauty'.

While returning from the crater I observed some souvenir shops , some travel agents busy with deal of the day and some beautiful flowers which I will remember ever.  For people who are interested for trekking , hiking and experience the mysteric adventure, Menangai crater is the best spot. For visitors, it's advisable to have a night stay at Naivasha , then tour Menangai crater and back on the same day. Kenya is full of adventures, mysteries, extinct volcanoes and age old 'spine chilling stories'. In one word it's a land of wide diversities.


  1. looks beautiful there. I'd love to visit.

  2. I am enjoying travelling around Africa with you :-)

  3. thanks far all ur comments, I am glad that u all love to see africa in my eyes