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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kericho - the tea city of Kenya


Forest in Kericho

Kericho is a county located in the south western part of Kenya. Kericho, the capital town is located to the west of the Great Rift Valley. Being the tea plantation estate , Kericho is of high importance from the economic point of view. Well connected by roadways , the town is at the juncture of Nakuru, Kisumu and Kissi highways. From Nairobi it will be a two hour journey approximately by road. While moving from the dust of Nakuru , the changing landscape, the dominant lush of greenery, the picturesque beauty will definitely fight to catch your attention. Kericho is the home to the biggest water catchment areas of the country called the Mau Forest.

Tea Estate in Kericho

Kericho is the centre of tea growing industry in Kenya and known as the Chai Square. It has almost a population of 500K. Some of the biggest tea brands like Unilever Kenya, James Finlay and Williamson tea are based over here. We got down from the moving car to snap this picturesque beauty. To observe the tea plantation activity closely was a great experience. Miles of stretch of greenery and the fresh , unpolluted air had  definitely soothened my eyes and refreshed my mind. Felt like I was at heaven's door.

A lawn at a lodge

 Kericho has got hotels, lodges where one can get all sort of amenities and feel at home. Starting from (350-5,000) KSH , one can get accommodation and enjoy to the heart's content. The best part of Kericho is that whichever places of interest you visit, you are sure to get good accomodation and variety of choices so that it fits exactly to one's budget. There is a famous Fish Resort which is located just 20 minutes walking distance from the main town. Customers can enjoy fishing at that spot.

Kericho is the home of world famous sports personalities who have represented Kenya at the Olympic Games and won world class standards in athletics. Kipchoge Keino deserve mention amongst those people who made Kenya proud.The locals over here are named as Kipsigis and Kalengis people. They are known to be famous for their hospitality and cultural values. Maizemeal and Mursik( a kind of sour drink) are the staple food for the locals.  The presence of hospitals, schools and industries pointed out the fact the the Britishers gave a hard try to improvise the infrastructure and standard of life for the people of Kericho and for the then Britishers who dominated Kenya. The essence of tea garden, the unpolluted air, the hospitable people, the beautiful lodges is what characterizes Kericho from other places and I would like to visit this place once again. I am happy to discover the unleashed beauty of Africa.

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