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Monday, 22 August 2011

Dahi vada [fried lentil dumplings in yoghurt]- a yummy treat for summer

Dahi Vada is a dish which has it's origin from the southern part of India. A wonderful combination of lentils n yoghurt -this dish is a wholesome item and quite popular dish available in all the nooks and corners of southern, western and eastern parts of India . Vendors selling dahi vada near the office buildings are a common sight in all the metropolitan cities of India. A common Indian loves to have dahi vada for lunch and the housewives find it easy to prepare , compared to any other dishes. Dahi vada finds a special place an all food festivals organised in India, which means to promote Indian food. Let see the method of preparation of this simple yet mouth-watering dish.

Black lentils ( 100gms. soaked in water overnight)
Cumin seeds ( 3 teaspoons roasted and powdered)
Tamarind paste (prepared with tamarind extract and water)
Coriander leaves for garnishing
Red chilly powder
Curd (100gms beaten)
Sugar ( 2 teaspoons)

Procedure: Grind the soaked black lentils in a mixer grinder till it becomes an even paste. Remove and keep aside. Heat oil in a container. Take little amount of the battered paste and release in the oil. Deep fry the battered lentils. When the battered doughs are fried and takes the color of golden brownish tinge, then it's time to remove them from the oil and keep aside. Now , it's time to soak the fried rounded doughs in water , so that may increase in volume. Take the battered curd and add sugar in it. Toss the cumin seeds in frying pan and grind it to a powder. Make a blend with cumin powder, red chilly powder and keep the mixture aside. Make a paste with tamarind ( by mixing tamarind with water , and then extracting the liquid content). Now take  a serving bowl and place the  fried doughs or the vadas in it. Add the battered curd to it ,  the blended  cumin powder, chilly powder and tamarind extract to it. Chop coriander leaves and spread over the dish for the ultimate look and tantalizing flavor.

Dahi vada is a very popular evening snacks in India. Enjoy dahi vada with your family and friends.Enjoy this delicacy of Southern India to your heart's content. Discover the joys of experiencing the tantalizing taste, mind boggling flavor of this typical dish.


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will try this coming weekend.

  2. Sure Saru, will be waiting eagerly to hear from you , and will love to see the photos too.....