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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fenugreek leaf stuffed Indian bread [Methi Parantha]

Fenugreek has  got a lot of medicinal importance. It's a high dietary fiber and a relieves from diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol level in blood, skin problems like boils , burns and eczema. Moreover , Fenugreek is essential for lactating woman. There are many delicious preparations of Fenugreek leaves. Fenugreek leaf stuffed Indian bread is an awesome preparation and brings about a difference in the taste of normal chapati/ parantha. Filled with nutritious values, methi parantha is an awesome vegetarian treat. Let's see the method of preparation of this dish.

Ingredients:  ( for preparation of 4 people)
White flour (350gms.)
Fenugreek leaf ( 2 bundles, normal size available in the market),
Garlic ( 4 cloves chopped into smaller pcs.),
Salt as per taste,
Oil for frying.

Procedure: Wash the Fenugreek leaves under running water and chop it nicely. Heat 2 teaspoons of oil in a container and dash the chopped garlic cloves in it. Add the chopped Fenugreek leaves in it and cook till it becomes soft. cook for 5 minutes till the leaves releases water and becomes soft. Add the entire content into the white flour and mix it well. Add water slowly and prepare a dough with it. Add small amount of salt for taste. You should use your hands to prepare the dough and then make (15-20)small rounded ball like structures with it. Use the roller to roll a rounded flat slice. Take the rounded flat structure into a frying pan and dry heat it till it becomes fluffy. Now put oil with the help of a spoon and move it with the help of a spatula till it becomes a fried fluffy structure. When it changes color to slightly brownish ,then the parantha is ready.

This may be served with any veg. curry/ pickle/sauce.Northern part of India is very fond of these sort of stuffed paranthas and it's easily available in road side restaurants. Enjoy methi parantha and  be sure to get good nutrition.

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