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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Vegetable sandwich fritters

Vegetable Sandwich fritters can be rightly said as a fusion dish .Pao pakora is a delicious food found in all the nooks and corners of India.Switching on a much healthier recipe , this dish is not only wholesome but brings about a variety to normal sandwich consumed by an individual every morning.

Ingredients:Cauliflower(50gms.), Onion(1 medium size chopped), tomato(1 medium sized chopped), capsicum(1 medium sized chopped), peas (20gms), bread (1 pound), mayonnaise sauce (20gms.), egg( battered), white flour(4 teaspoons), salt acc. to taste, tomato sauce(4 teaspoons).

Procedure:Heat oil in a container and dash the vegetables onion, tomato, cauliflower, peas in it.Cook until it is soft and add salt to it. Remove it when the vegetables are nicely cooked.Make a paste with mayonnaise sauce in desired amount as mentioned above.Add 2 teaspoon tomato sauce to it. Keep it aside. Take the sliced bread and slit from between giving it a triangle shape.Fill the vegetables inside and place the other half making a double trainagle shape as shown in the picture.Prepare a batter with egg and white flour.Add tomato sauce to it for a sweet n sour taste.Dip the triangled bread into the batter and make sure that the batter covers the two sides well.Heat oil nicely and release the battered bread in oil . Cook for 2 minutes. The bread takes a a very nice golden brownish color and starts emitting nice smell which makes you feel hungry from that moment onwards.Wipe the excess oil with the help of a tissue paper and serve it on a dish along with vegetables of your choice.Enjoy it with tomato sauce, tomato garlic sauce, chilli sauce or any sauce of your choice.
I guarantee this will definitely bring a change to your daily breakfast routine. Infact it is suggested that one can keep the stuffed sandwich and batter in refrigerated condition and just fry the same in the next morning.Of course one has to bring the stuffed sandwich down  to normal temperature before frying.This item is not only wholesome but a result of innovation with common ingredients available in daily life.Remember , variety is not only the spice but keeps one's mind and body fresh.Time to enjoy varieties of food.


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  2. ha ha.. thats a nice comment...but for not gaining flab...i beieve i will write some healthy diet also...please follow....

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