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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tofu - A snacks of chinese origin

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Tofu is a snacks which is very popular in China. The methodology is quite simple.One day I was watching a chinese movie where I had the idea of making this food item with all things available in my house.Stories apart, but this can be a very good food for your children or any guest who gives you a surprise visit.

Ingredients: White flour (300gms.), cottage cheese (100gms) ,Capsicum(1 big  chopped finely), Onion ( 1 big chopped finely) , tomato( 1 medium chopped), spring onion (4-5 pieces chopped, boiled corn (20 gms ), soya sauce( 2 teaspoons) , garlic paste(1 teaspoon) ,tomato sauce( 2 teaspoon), chilli sauce(2 teaspoon), vinegar(1 teaspoon), cheddar cheese (20 gms.shredded with the help of a shredder)), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: Make a dough of  white flour with water and salt. Apply 1/2 teaspoon of yeast and keep it aside for 1 hour.Take about a little oil (about 4-5 teaspoon) in a container and heat it.Add the above mentioned vegetables onion, tomato, spring onion, corn and cook till the vegetables are soft.Add tomato sauce , chilli sauce , soya sauce , garlic paste to the mixture for a nice flavour and taste.It will give an attractive dark brown color.Add salt according to taste.Cut the cottage cheese (paneer) to medium pieces and keep aside.Allow the vegetables in the container to cool down.Take the dough and divide it into 14 equal balls . Little pores start coming up in the dough because of the presence of yeast. Yeast makes the dough fluffy.Now take a chapati roller and roll the balls to make equal round shapes.With the help of a spoon put 1 pc. of chunked paneer along with one scoop of the cooked vegatables and  1 scoop of shredded cheese in the rounded shapes .Fold the other side of the ball. Adjust it from four sides so that it takes a square shape as it is shown in the above picture.Make the item firm enough and care should be taken that the content inside should not break the covering and burst outside.Do not stuff vegetables in such a way that it compels the covering to burst.Heat oil in a kadhai untill hot. Leave the stuffed items in the kadhai and cook until it becomes golden brownish .It should be fried till 2 mins maximum. Serve it with tomato sauce or sauce of your choice.

This is a nice choice of a filling wholesome snacks.It has proteinaceous values, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

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