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Friday, 24 June 2011

Spinach Sandwich- a gift to good health

Spinach sandwich is a healthy version , quite easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.This sort of food is mainly available in the western countries , very popular in Europe.I was watching a television  program and was motivated to prepare this.A right combination of raw and green vegetables , prepared with no oil/fat/butter is also ideal for those who are on diet or suffering from heart diseases.

Ingredients:Bread (preferably long ones 1/2 pound), spinach leaves (2 bundles, freshly bought from the market),tomato( 1 big grated), onion(1 big grated), garlic paste(1 teaspoon), tomato sauce(2 teaspoons), mayonnaise sauce(1 teaspoon, but not mandatory while you want to prepare a health food), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: Wash the spinach leaves very nicely under running water and chop it to smaller pieces.Care should be taken that spinach leaves should not contain any dust or germs.Keep it aside.Take 1/2 teaspoon oil in a container and dash the spinach leaves to it.While the spinach leaves cook , it will become soft after releasing the water content in it.Add the garlic paste for a nice smell.Add the tomato sauce to it.add salt for taste.Check with the help of a spatula if the mixture has been soft and check the salt content in it.Keep it aside.Cut the bread from between and put the pieces on a frying pan and dry heat it(without oil). This will result the bread to be very crispy.Now take about 2 scoops of spinach for one bread spreading and apply chopped tomato, onions to it in minute amount.Can apply mayonnaise sauce for taste , but you may keep it optional in case of dieting.Now put the other half of the bread on it and you will get the delicious spinach sandwich.For the best result can put the sandwich in grill mode of microwave for 1 min.Remove to a plate and it is ready to be served.
Sandwich lovers should not miss this opportunity to try spinach in sandwich and be sure that you are having a diet which gives you vitamin, protein and of course cholesterol free as it involves no butter/oil.Women who are a fitness freak will never miss out this dish after a rigorous work out , for children who fuss with food mothers can be sure that your child will eat with fun and will have a healthy diet as well.

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