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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Chola Bhatura-Yummy treat for family dinner!

Chola Bhatura is a delicious , tongue licking treat for one's family.Chola Bhatura is a very popular street food available in all parts of India.Delicious and interesting in preparing , let me share my experience with you.

Ingredients: Maida(white flour 300gms.),  yeast 1/2 teaspoon,salt acc. to taste, kabuli chana( 200gms.) soaked overnight along with little baking soda to make it bigger size by expansion),onions grated ( 2 big size), tomatoes grated ( 2 big size), cumin powder (1 teaspoon), coriander powder(1 teaspoon), dry mango powder (1 teaspoon), chilli powder (1 teaspoon),{in case if someone uses chola bhatura special spice available in the market can use in determined percentage as per instructions written in the packet}, garlic ginger paste(1 teaspoon), garam masala powder( 1 teaspoon).

Procedure: Boil the soaked kabuli chana for 25 mins in pressure cooker.The chola already becomes soft and fluffy which resulted from soaking overnight with baking soda in it.Put a little salt while boiling the kabuli chana.After boiling check with a spoon, press to see if the chola is really soft or not.Keep it aside.Heat some oil in a container.Add the chopped vegetables like onion, tomatoes in it.Cook till the vegetables becomes soft. Add cumin powder, coriander powder, dry mango powder, chilli powder, ginger garlic paste in it.Mix the content very well with the vegetables.It starts emitting a nice essence , which starts enhancing your appetite.After the mixture is cooked for about 1 min. then add the chanas to it and start mixing with a spatula.The entire content takes a nice reddish brown color, as a result of the mixture of various spices.Check the salt and add further if required.Put garam masala to it just before finishing the cooking process.Your chola masala is ready.

Make a dough of maida with required water, salt and minute amt. of oil(1 teaspoon). Mix it nicely using your hands and put yeast powder to it.Keep the entire content for 30 mins.Close it with a lid.Yeast helps the mixture to be fluffy enough by oxygenation process. The more you use your hands to mould the better is the mixture .After 30 mins you can make small balls out of the entire mixture.Use a chapati roller to make equal rounds. While rolling the doughs you may have to use little oil in it.I will advise to use brush while applying oil on the dough to make the rolling even smoother.After the rounds are made then it is ready to fry.Heat oil for 2 mins. and carefully release the rolled doughs to it.You will see beautiful fluffy bhaturas coming up in the kadhai.

Now the chola and bhatura is ready. Serve it with salads-onions, tomatoes, carrots or vegetables of your choice.For best tantalizing effect apply 2 drops of fesh lime juice on the chola masala.I bet you will never forget the taste.Home cooking avoids ill health of your family members as the oil used is of superior quality compared to the restaurants.So, eat healthy , stay healthy , enjoy food and enjoy life.

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