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Monday, 20 June 2011

Brinjal in mustard sauce- a tantalizing deal!

Brinjal in mustard sauce is a unique discovery.People who have allergy out of brinjal and mustard may abstain from it for health reasons.But if one can get good quality farm fresh brinjal and mustard seeds this exceptional dish will be worth, I guess and suggest to all my friends.

Ingredients: Farm fresh brinjals(2 medium sized chunked into pieces), tomato (grated medium sized), mustard seed (about 20 gms.grinded to an even paste), green chillis(2 nos.), curd(2-3 teaspoons), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure: You must take farm fresh , seedless brinjals from the market. It should be diced into medium pieces.These should be marinated with turmeric powder and salt , then fried in oil till the vegetable gets soft.Remove the vegetable and keep aside.Mustard seed should be soaked in water for at least 30 mins. before grinding in a mixer grinder. Care should be taken that the paste must be even and smooth.Keep the mustard paste aside.Heat oil in a container and dash the grated tomatoes in it.Add the green chillis and cook for about 1/2 min so that it emits a nice flavor.Now take the mustard paste and add to the mixture.Mix it well with the help of a spatula, add curd to it to get the ultimate sour n sweet taste.People who like a little bit sweet taste can add 1-2 teaspoon sugar to it.This step is  optional.After mixing the entire content you can add the brinjal, add little water about half a cup , and allow the vegetable to be embedded with the entire content .After cooking for 2 mins. you can switch off the gas burner.Add salt according to taste.The resultant dish will be really tantalizing and mouth watering.
You can serve it with steaming hot rice or even chapattis.For any vegetarian reader it is my request never miss this opportunity to try this dish.With the least of effort you will get a delicious dish and can enjoy with your family and friends.

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