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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Delicious Dal Vada(lentil fry)

Dal Vada is a special snacks of indian origin.Even it is a very popular street food in all metros.Easy to prepare and quite 'stomach-filling' , let me share the secret of this recipe with you .

Ingredients:  Mung dal (300 gms to be soaked overnight), kari patta (1-2 leaves). onion (1 small size finely chopped), tomatoes(1 finely chopped),chilli (1 small nicely chopped) salt acc. to tast.

Procedure: Take the soaked mung dal and make to a paste with the help of grinder.Keep the content for some time.Take little oil in a pan and dash kari patta, onion , tomatoes in it.Add the mung dal mixture in the pan and mix properly.add slat for taste.This process will give a very good essence.The vegetable mix(onion, tomatoes, chilli) should not be cooked to brown color, it should be just slightly cooked till it becomes soft.Remove the entire content into a plate and allow it to cool down.Make small balls with your hand and keep it to solidify a little so that it may take a shape.The percentage of chilli depends on one's taste buds.But in case if you are serving to the children it's advisable not to use much chillis.When the oil is ready then deep fry each small ball for 2 mins until it is nicely cooked and has taken a handsome golden brown color.
When Mc. Donals, Pizza hut was not famous ,these were the form of evening snacks people used to enjoy.Filled with proteinaceous values, this is a very healthy substitute to have with tea/ coffee.Very good for fussy toddlers and ever to be remembered for it's delicious taste.These sort of preparation are an attempt to switch to 'healthy lifestyle'.

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