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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fish spring roll

Fish spring roll is a favorite item for all fish lovers.A delicious snacks out of fish not only leaves the taste buds tantalizing but also the invitees speechless.You may be available anywhere in the world and can procure any type of fish , but this item can be prepared with all readily available ingredients.

Ingredients:Tilapia fillets(300 gms.)[since I live in Kenya , only this variety is available , else this can be repeated with rohu, pompret, tuna, mackerel, catla or any available variety, provided it has to be boneless], onions(1 grated), tomato(1 grated), garlic paste(1 teaspoon), tomato sauce(3-4 teaspoons), chilli sauce(3-4 teaspoons, the level depends on one's taste buds), white flour(350 gms), oil(2 teaspoons), salt acc. to taste, water(for preparing the dough), yeast(2-3 gms.)

Procedure:Boil the fish fillets in water for 10 mins.When it becomes soft remove the water.Strain the water and keep aside the fish.Heat oil in a container and dash onions and tomatoes in it.Cook till the vegetables become soft.Add garlic paste and salt in required amount in it.Add the fish to the vegetables and mix well with the help of spatula.Make an even mix and cook till the vegetables and fish gets mixed to become a tasty filling. Keep aside the entire content.Prepare a dough with white flour, oil, salt , yeast and water and keep aside for 30 mins. The yeast content will help to oxygenate and the resultant dough will be fluffy , soft.Now you can make balls out of the dough.30 balls of even size will result from the dough.The more you press the dough with your hands the more even will it become.The doughs should be rolled to flat chapati like sizes with a chapati roller. The diameter of the chapati should not be more than 3 inches in size.With the help of a spoon take at least one scoop of the mashed fish and put in between , evenly in a line. Fold from both the ends , it takes the shape of a cylinder and terminal ends should be closed and folded backwards.This will take the shape which is shown in the above figure.The folding will prevent the stuffing from coming out while frying.Now you can take the resultant rectangular structure and dry heat(heating without oil) in a frying pan for 2 mins on both sides.This will make the roll taste even crunchier.Now heat oil in a container , when the oil is ready deep fry the roll. When the rolls takes a golden brownish color , you may remove from the container and it is ready to be served.
To fish lovers this item really proves to be heavens deal.For dinners parties and guests this can be a very attractive starter item.Melt in mouth delight , a very ideal combination with hard drinks.Your guests, friends and family will be bewildered with your culinary techniques and you will be the magic cook.

Steps involved in the preparation of fish roll:

step 1

step 2
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  1. a perfect recipe for holiday evenings to entertain guests. delicious.

  2. I love fish and this sounds great will be trying it
    I started following you