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Monday, 27 June 2011

Home made biscuits-the never to forget taste


Preparing the design

Ready Biscuits
Biscuits when prepared at home , tastes even better I guess.I stay in a place , Nakuru where maximun of the Indian housewives prepare delicious biscuits by themselves. Last week I did visit one of my friend's place who runs a patisserie from home.With all available ingredients in home it was great fun and a nice learning experience to see the biscuits taking shape. One fact I should admit, tasting hot biscuits are a different experience altogether.Let me share my learning experience with all.

Ingredients:White flour(700gms.), butter(500gms. unsalted), powdered sugar(500gms.)

Procedure:Prepare a dough out of white flour with butter and sugar.The more you press with your hand the more even and smooth it will be by texture. The dough should not contain any dumplings.Now small balls should be prepared from the dough. About 40 small balls should result from the mentioned ingredients.Now the balls should be pressed with hand to make flat structures and they should be placed in the baking tray as shown in the picture.After applying a little flour in the flat structures then you may use a fork to design the biscuits.Now design depends on oneself.Even molds could be used for designs.When the designing is complete then you may put it on the tray and allow it to bake at 180 degrees and for 20 mins. in normal cooking oven.One may bake in microwave which has got convection mode feature.After the stipulated time you will get hot , smelling , tempting home made biscuits from the oven.

The designing of biscuits can be done at one's own fancy, in fact biscuit design reflects one's personality,image, and creativity.Its great experience to get one's own biscuit requirement  done at home.In fact home made biscuits even taste better than the one purchased from outside.

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