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Monday, 6 June 2011

Paneer Malai - A tasty treat !

Malai Paneer is a typical North Indian dish. Quite easy to prepare , with this quick recipe hand.Paneer is the ultimate source of protein specially for vegetarian people.Very useful recipe for people who are freshers as cook, or for bachelor, forced bachelor people.

Ingredients: Paneer (350 gms cut into small chunks.), Onion grated ( 2-3 pcs.), Tomato grated(2 pcs.),green peas (20gms.) , green chilli (1-2 pcs.), cumin powder(2 teaspoons), coriander powder(2 teaspoon) , red chilli powder(1 teaspoon), ginger garlic paste(1 teaspoon), curd ( 20 gms battered) , milk cream(10 gms battered), garam masala powder(1 teaspoon), salt as per taste.

Procedure: Heat oil in a container and add the grated tomatoes ,onions to it.Saute it till it's nicely cooked and becomes reddish brown in color.Add ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder till it mixes well and emits flavour.Add the nicely cut chunked paneer to it.Add salt according to your taste.Mix the entire content nicely , so that it gives a nice royal look. Take the mixture of battered curd and milk and add to the mixture from the top.This will give a very thick , gravy appearance to the dish. Add green peas and cook for 1/2 minute.Add chillis to give it a perfect look. Remove the entire content in a nice serving bowl.Before serving to your guests or family members you may add coriander leaves to give it a nice , 'mind boggling' professional look.
Paneer is a magic item. Whatever you cook turns 'wow' with the addition of a little bit of paneer. To your surprise you may get the admiration of a '5 star chef' with such a royal preparation.
I will say that cooking is never difficult nor it is hazardous and messy. Only you need to have is the inner eye to make it beautiful.

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