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Friday, 17 June 2011

Baked Vegetables in white sauce

Baked vegetables is an ideal meal for those people who are always running against time.To have whole nutrition in limited time , this dish is the real desired.With easily available ingredients in your kitchen or with vegetables of your choice , baked vegetables can win the hearts of many.

Ingredients: Cauliflower(100gms.), carrot(100gms. diced into equal chunks),potato(100gms.diced into equal chunks), capsicum(1 small cut into small pieces),green peas(20gms.), tomato(1 small grated into small pieces), tomato sauce, chillis(depending on ones taste), white flour(30 gms.), milk (1 lt.), butter(20gms.), spring onions, tomato sauce(3-4 teaspoons) ,black pepper(1 teaspoon powdered), salt acc. to taste, celery(for decoration, optional)

Procedure: Take butter in a container.Allow it to melt. Then add white flour(maida) to it and stirr on a continuous basis.Add 100cc milk to it and make a paste with the help of spatula.Care should be taken that no lumps should be formed.After stirring continuously an even paste will be formed.Add salt to it. This is the white sauce.Boil the vegetables(cauliflower, carrot,potatoes,green peas) in water for 10 mins.Remove when it is soft but should not smash.Can check it with the help of spatula.Add the boiled vegetables to the prepared white sauce.Add the cut tomatoes, capsicum, chillis to it.Mix the vegetables well with the content. Check the salt content separately and if neccessary add more salt to it.The look should be a very mind boggling one with the multi coloured vegetables showing all over.Add the tomato sauce and powdered black pepper to it.Remove it to a serving bowl and decorate it with chopped celery.

This dish is ideally served with hot , toasted bread.The combination is really worth and very filling.Since this preparation already contains white flour to it, this can be consumed even without any side dish.This preparation is rich in protein, vitamin, protein, carbohydrates and can be termed as wholesome diet.So, office goers , who are always running short of time can go for it and mothers are sure that this is an ideal diet for fussy toddlers.Explore the easy means to nutritious food, explore life.


  1. Seta, my mother's family was from Poland. They would make a sauce very similar to this and put it over sweet peas. I remember having this as a meal with bread growing up. I have never thought about adding other vegetables to it, but it sounds scrumptious! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Mary , thanks for your comments , in fact it's just experimentaion with culinary delights....please try out...i'am sure u will like it...and let me know....

  3. Happy to here..great recipe..

  4. Thanks Alpana, in fact all my recipes u will find is easy and nutritious.....nice to be in Blognotics....and happy to be in touch with you.

  5. Sweta,

    Oh my that looks so yummy : )

    Next dinner party I have I am sending for you.

    Nice to have you in Blognostics... here's to a long friendship

  6. nice to know that you have liked my recipe....please try it for your party and observe your friends reactions........i will be happy to know the feedback..