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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Yummy Pizza-now at your home

Pizza is a dish which in one word sounds yummy to each and every person of all ages.We spend a lot of money in the restaurants for pizzas , but truly speaking, making pizzas is not tough.At least for children to enjoy yummy dishes , pizza is the best choice.

Ingredients: Pizza bread ( 1 big size), tomato spread (6 teaspoons), Onion(1 finely grated), tomato(1 finely chopped), boiled corns( 10 gms.), Mozzarela cheese (150 gms.).

Procedure: Take the pizza bread and evenly spread the tomato paste.One can buy tomato paste in the market, else tomato puree mixed with salt will also do.Spread the onions and tomatoes over the pizza .Spread the boiled corns over it. Take the mozzarela cheese in and grate with the help of grater . Must take the grater and the cheese evenly all over the pizza. Rather best is to grate the cheese above the pizza.Grating should be even till it covers the pizza.When it is complete place the pizza bread in the microwave and keep for 3-4 mins.Remove from the microwave and it is ready to be served hot.Non vegetarian people can give a toppings of chicken, mushroom  as one's choice.

In cases if you want to celebrate your child's birthday at home, pizza can be a great choice.I guarantee you, sit down with calculator in your hand you will see a great cost savings.So, no more pizza from Pizza Hut but from your kitchen.......same taste , even yummier.

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