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Monday, 27 June 2011

Carrot Halwa- a tasty Indian sweet treat

Carrot Halwa is a very popular Indian dish in India. Any popular festivals, occasions are celebrated with this item.Specially the Northern part of India, as one proceeds carrot halwa has got it's specific varieties and wide availability.Rich in nuts, ghee and freshly grated carrots, this dish will definitely win the hearts of many.

Ingredients:Carrots(500gms grated with the help of grater), sugar (150gms.), cashew nuts and raisins(20gms.), ghee (100gms.), milk(1/2 litre). cardamom[elaichi](2/3 pcs.)

Procedure: Farm fresh carrots should be cleaned and grated with the help of a grater.Boil milk in  container and allow it to be thick .This process should be done for 10 mins.Then you may add the grated carrots in it.Add sugar to the mixture.Add cardamom seeds , cashew nut and raisins to it.Boil the entire content till the milk gets absorbed in the grated carrots and attains a thick mass type.When the entire milk get absorbed it's time that the halwa is almost ready.Ghee has to be heated separately in a container and the entire content has to be mixed in it. In this dish the ghee content has to be more and it will appear to be very rich with milk, ghee and cashew nuts to it.The essence of cardamom(elaichi) will definitely add a different level of richness and aristocracy.The orange color will definitely tantalize the taste buds and enhance a mind boggling attitude.

Carrot halwa is used as a dessert.After any meal carrot halwa leaves a soothing effect to one's taste buds.The melt in mouth deal definitely enhances the culinary delights.Specially for children this dish can be very effective as the vitamin quality will prove good for visionary health.Enjoy carrot halwa with your entire family and ensure good health for all.

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