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Monday, 20 June 2011

Mashed banana fritters

Mashed banana fritters are one of the most easily available and easy to prepare dish.Not only an innovation but this variety brings about a break in the normal routine food items.A very much palatible dish for the children , mothers make sure that they can have some essential fruits like banana.

Ingredients: 3 medium sized ripe bananas, white flour(3 table spoons), marie biscuit (2 pcs. crunched), sugar (3 teaspoons), milk (3 teaspoons)

Procedure:Mash the bananas with the help of your hands .Add white flour, sugar to it.Add the crunched marie biscuits to it for giving a very crispy appearance.In case the dough is very tight you can apply milk to it , just to make the dough manageable.Make small parts of the dough and keep them as small balls.Heat oil in a container and when the oil is ready release the balls . It will take about 2 mins for the balls to cook on both sides.When they have taken a golden brownish appearance then you can take them out of the container and allow place in a tissue , allowing the extra oil to be absorbed.Serve it in a serving plate.
This dish will have an awesome sweet taste and will bear a very crispy appearance. You can feel the crisp in every bite.You can treat it as a snacks item, tiffin box item, take away item for picnics and so on.


  1. This looks easy enough! The only thing though, I cannot stand hot bananas! I don´t know why I just cannot eat it hot :(

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  2. No issues , if u cannot eat it hot, can carry it as a lunch box item, but the crispy factor will be missing..