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Friday, 3 January 2014

6 Ballygunge Place: Nothing compared to a mouth watering Bengali meal !

Branding that attracts you
I am a foodie and a cook. But what I like most is enjoying Bengali cuisine cooked in traditional style. Last time when I went to my hometown Kolkata, I discovered a new outlet of the famous restaurant ’ 6 Ballygunge Place’ which has got various outlets in Kolkata and even in other metro cities. I was aware of the quality of food and style of dining as I heard a lot about it from my friends, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to experience traditional Bengali style dining. It’s situated at the heart of Behala, very near to the D.H.Road. Situated on a second floor of a shopping mall, it’s an attractive entrance with mind boggling displays near the main door.
The trendy outlook
The first glance: The very appearance of the restaurant is quite trendy. We saw dining tables with the capacity of 4. Cute stainless steel crokeries were displayed with a wall decor of Old Kolkata paintings. The sepia based paintings and white wall paint decor gave a nice feel. The waiters were quite hospitable and offered hot towels and a menu card. The feel of the menu card was like that of a wedding reception. The waiters used stainless steel bowls and spoons to serve food. The table decor was awesome. I was amazed to see poems encrypted on the table mats. A good ‘eye catcher’ and time pass for a customer.

The attractive table decor

The service: The service is truly good. We were offered traditional Bengali menu. The waiters very much hospitable and were focussed to serve their best. We were given a choice of vegetarian and non –vegetarian plate. Non vegetarian had two choice- fish plate and mutton plate. Both ended up in mango chutney and sweet dish. Separate menu card was offered for kids under the age of 12.The table and the inside decor made us feel comfortable. It was an air conditioned dining room with a capacity of 50 persons. The waiters constantly monitored the plates and offered unlimited food. Fish, luchi and sweet dish was not unlimited though.
Mouth watering 'never ending'variety
Food: It’s an awesome place to enjoy traditional Bengali food at a reasonable rate. Were were offered- luchi, basmati rice, shredded potato fries called jhuri aloo bhaja, palak saag, shukto, alu dum sabji and mung dal. We were offered 4 luchis per plate. This is the menu for a simple vegetarian meal which costs 250INR denoted as the starting range. A fish mutton meal will have a plate of additional two medium sized mutton pieces. A fish plate will have an additional two pieces of medium sized prawns cooked in coconut sauce. The food was tasty and was cooked in the minimum possible oil. It was an enjoyable meal. We were offered mango chutney and mishit doi at last. The mishti doi was given in country pot or bhar. The chingri malaaikari was awesome and so was the mishit doi. The floor price of the plates was 250 INR and the ceiling price was 550INR. It is a great meal at a reasonable cost.
The Happy ending

Verdict: Anybody fond of traditional Bengali food is advised to come here and try the awesome chingri malaaikari dish. Mishti Doi is mouth watering; it’s denoted as the culture food of Bengal. During festivals like Durga puja, Poila Baisakh and  weekends are always filled to hundred percent capacity. Kolkattans like to enjoy mouth watering traditional food at restaurants rather than cooking at home. At least the present working couple generation likes to enjoy world class food at a comfortable restaurant. So, if you have guests at home who’s visiting Kolkata for the first time never miss the chance of bringing him to 6 Ballygunge place , the brand name being ‘ Chakum Chukum


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