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Monday, 12 December 2011

Chanar jilipi- the fun filled sweet treat again, from Bengal!

As I have already mentioned that Bengal is the right place for all sweet lovers, sweets made from fresh milk as well as dessicated milk, coconut and other varieties there is another dish which will not only make my readers spellbound but also create the sense of tantalizing effect with the digestive enzymes spilling out of the oral cavity.....quite tough to resist. The wonderful dish is 'chanar jilipi' or it's a twisted structure made from milk solids. Let's see the way to prepare the wonderful, mouthwatering dish and initiate the sense of 'get ,set, go' for tasting at very first glimpse.

Ingredients: ( for the preparation of 20 pieces)

Solidified condensed milk or Mawa (250 gms.),
Semolina or suji ( 100 gms.),
Ghee ( 3 teaspoons),
Water ( 100 cc.),
Sugar 150 gms. (for the preparation of syrup)
Cardamom or elaichi (2-3 pieces)

Procedure: The procedure is really not a very complicated one, but it's represented schematically in the figure below in step wise methodology. Hopefully it will give my readers a crystal clear idea about the way of preparation. Anyways, it's the easiest method of preparing sweets.

Step 1: Mix all the ingredients together ( semolina, solidied milk solids, ghee and water) in a container. Use your hand to mix well in order to make a homogeneous mixture. The mixture should be such that it should not be very tight neither too much on the liquid side.

Step 2: Make equal doughs and make an elongated structure, the way shown in the figure above. 

Step 3: Twist the either side of the elongated structure and make a round network as shown in the figure above. This twisted structure is the real shape of a jilipi.

Step 4: Fry the twisted structures in a pan filled oil. Fry them until they take a golden brownish structure. This is the real color of chanar jilipi.

Step 4: Boil water with sugar in a container to make a sugar syrup. Release cardamom pieces in the sugar syrup so as to obtain a nice, mind boggling essence.

When the sweet is ready then use a spoon to see that if it's soft or not. If yes, then it's time to take it from the heat and serve on a plate. To be very true, making sweet is not a very expertised job, with a little methodical steps you too can make world class sweet dishes at home. So, in your next family dinner be ready with this exclusive dish to treat your friends and relatives.

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