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Friday, 16 December 2011

Chicken n mushroom sauté- A must for try

Chicken forms a delicious affair with any combination of vegetarian or non vegetarian partners. A wonderful creative cult came to my brains when I was on a dinner with my family at a Chinese restaurant. The former was done with the same combination of pork and mushroom. I thought why not with chicken? And I rushed back at home and created my signature dish with mushroom and chicken , and added an 'out of the box' terminology 'Chicken n mushroom saute'. Words can’t express what a creation and what a taste that proved to be. Let me share the secret of my signature dish with all my readers.

Ingredients: (for preparation of 4-6 people)

Chicken (400 Gms.),
Mushroom (250 Gms.),
Tomato (6 medium pieces cut into pieces),
Red Onions (4 pieces cut into pieces),
Spring onions (cut into elongated pieces),
Jalapeño (4-6 pieces),
Capsicum (2 big pieces chopped into smaller chunks),
Dark soya sauce (4 tablespoons) ,
Vinegar (2-3 teaspoons),
Tomato sauce (3 tablespoons),
Chili sauce (2 tablespoons),
Garlic paste (3 teaspoons),
Ginger paste (1 teaspoon)

Procedure: Marinate the chicken with soya sauce, vinegar, soya sauce, garlic paste, ginger paste. Keep for about 20 minutes. Boil button mushrooms in a container till it becomes soft and drain the water. Oil should be heated in a container. Fry onions, tomatoes, garlic cloves, capsicum in it. Cook till the vegetable becomes soft. Add the already marinated chick in it. Cook till the chicken releases water and becomes soft. Add aji no motto in it. The color of the chicken will turn slight brownish. Add the par boiled mushrooms in it and mix well. Add Jalapeño, tomato sauce, soya sauce and chili sauce to it. Cook till the entire mixture takes a typical reddish brown color and sprinkle spring onion pieces on top. In case you like the hot taste you may sprinkle powdered black pepper on it.

You are ready to serve a dish that is exceptional and innovative. I believe those friend who love Chinese cuisine will surely appreciate the effort and remember the dish forever.