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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chocolate cookies- the yummy treat for your kids!!

Preparing cookies at home is not a very impossible achievement provided that you make up your mind to get the best of the taste right from your kitchen. A little innovativeness with ingredients will lead you to create a combination of innumerous delicious n fantastic stuffs. This is really not cooking but called 'kitchen chemistry'. Let me share how I landed up in creating a very delicious Chocolate cookies recipe.

Ingredients: (for preparing 40 cookies)

Self raising white flour (250 gms.),
Unsalted butter/Margarine (200gms.),
Sugar (200 gms.),
Drinking chocolate powder (100gms.).

Procedure: The process of baking cookies is schematically represented in a pictorial basis.

Step 1: Take margarine/unsalted butter with sugar in a container and beat till both of the ingredients take a very even mixture. Mix self raising white flour to it.Keep it standing for about 20 minutes. When the dough rises press it with your hands.


Step 2: Please make two separate half of the doughs and mix drinking chocolate powder with it and make two elongated structures and keep side by side. 

Step 3:  Mix the two separate doughs and make a twist so that thay make an even mixture.

Step 4: Make a roll with polythene wrapper.

Step 5: Make a net roll with the polythene bag and keep the dough in refrigerated condition for 20 minutes so that it becomes a hard structure.

Step 6: When the structure is hard enough then cut it into pieces as shown in the picture above.

Step 7: Place the cut structures in oven . The oven should be either greased with edible oil or butter paper should be applied. 

Step 8: The oven should be pre heated at 100 degree celsius for 10 minutes. Put the tray filled with doughs for 20 minutes at 180 degree celsius. Care should be taken that the cookies should not get burnt else reduce the heat and you may keep it for a longer time.

Step 9: Remove the cookies from the oven and display in a plate for serving. You may store it in an air tight container.

Perhaps this can be the best treat for your child's birthday or as his tiffin item. Cookies can be enjoyed with coffee. So, try experimentation with ingredients and innovate your own creative cookies in your own style. Just enjoy the Culinary art and claim yourself to be an artist.

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