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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Buffalo Tofu wings- baked not fried wonder!

Let’s think about something healthy yet very exciting. Whenever I walk into the kitchen I think of preparing some stuff which is totally exceptional n innovative and has got lower calorific values. We have to think how to make exciting, crispy snacks which has got no traces of oil. Confused? Even I was in the same state of mind, but believe me my friends , after eating this dish conceptualized by one of my very ‘health conscious friend’, I was totally bewildered and came to the conclusion even snacks could be prepared without traces of oil. This dish known as buffalo tofu wings is absolutely healthy, oil free, crispy and differentiated from the rest. Let’s see the method of preparation of this dish.

Ingredients: (for preparation of 20 pieces)

Mashed tofu (250 gms.),
Pepper (2 teaspoons),
Chili flakes (2 teaspoons),
Cinnamon (2-3 medium sized sticks),
Salt as per taste,
Rosemary herb (about a pinch),
Panko flakes (about 250 gms.)[Variety of flanky bread crumb used in Japanese cuisine]

Procedure: Boil tofu chunks in hot water till it gets soft and mash it with the help of your hands. Mix it well with pepper, chili flakes, Cinnamon, rosemary herbs. Make chunks of equal sizes and keep aside. Coat the already prepared structures with panko flakes. Pre heat the oven at 180 degrees and bake it for 5 minutes on either side. When you see the color change (slightly golden brownish) then remove it from the oven put it on the serving plate.

Even snacks taste yummy without any traces of oil. So, this is an attempt to switch to a healthy mode of life.

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  1. Sounds really good Sweta. There are a few ingredients I'm not familiar with but I can google to find out :) I'm going to give this a try, with maybe a few modifications. The idea of making it without the oil is a very healthy concept! Thanks for sharing.