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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Chicken n butternut soup- A healthy start to a wonderful day!

Goodness of chicken and veggies.

This recipe 'Chicken n butternut soup' is dedicated towards all my health conscious friends. Soup is a healthy way to life. Combining the goodness of vegetables and chicken, cooked with the minimum amount of olive oil, it’s not only a healthy but a tasty treat as well. Butternut combines the goodness of vitamins and other essential minerals which is widely available in USA and eastern Canada. When you are in a mood to enjoy a light meal, I guarantee that this sort of soup dish will definitely satisfy your appetite and your heart to a large extent.

Ingredients: (for 3-5 persons)

Boneless chicken (350 gms.),

Butternut (a medium sized one peeled and diced into medium pieces),

Garlic (2 cloves),

Extra virgin olive oil (2 ½ tablespoons),

Baby corn (100 gms. chopped into thin circular pieces),

Spring onion (white part only),

Tomato (1 ½ pieces grated),

Chopped basil leaves,

Ground black pepper powder (½ teaspoon),

1 scoop of butter,

Salt according to taste.

Procedure: Boil the boneless chicken in a stock pan for 30 minutes. Separate the stock and keep the chicken pieces separate. Simultaneously heat the butternut in a container till it becomes soft. Heat olive oil in a stock pan. Add crushed garlic cloves to it. Add the pre boiled chicken pieces, spring onions, tomato, and baby corn to it. Cook for 5 minutes till the vegetable becomes soft. Add the pre boiled butternut to it. Add the chicken stock. Cook the entire content for 7-8 minutes, allow simmering in medium heat. The butternut should be mashed and the soup should get a thickened texture. You may add salt according to taste, chopped basil and black pepper for the ultimate flavor.

Ladle the soup in a bowl. You may add a dollop of butter on the top. The topping along with chopped basil leaves and black pepper will simply look awesome. Enjoy this awesome delight with bread/breadsticks.

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