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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Europe diary 2016: Holland - the cheeezzy land!


Picturesque dutch Village 

From Germany our next destination was Holland.  There are enough bus routes from Frankfurt to Amsterdam.  It takes 5 hours to travel to Amsterdam from Frankfurt by bus. We were tired yet excited to see another European country. Known for world class cheese and other dairy products- we were simply overwhelmed to be in the cheesy land.

Eateries near the hotel

It was almost evening when we reached our hotel in Hofdoorf.  It was a comfortable 4 star accommodation and with lot of eateries around the neighborhood.  The homes were beautifully decorated with flower gardens outside. Summer evenings are always enjoyed by people by handing around the vegetable garden area or cooking outside. It was a fun filled environment. The hotel lobby was vivacious with music and dance. It was a vivacious atmosphere with people from almost all corners of the world.

Zaanse Schans- the greatest tourist attraction
The next day morning we were driven to Zaanse Schans which is a Dutch village and a great attraction for tourists situated at the neighborhood of Zaandam, near Zandijk in Netherlands.  The first sight of the wind mill set me mind boggling. It is a great technology that is used to create electricity. They are used for grinding spices, pumping water and sawing wood.  They are called wind turbines and are even used to grind flour to make bread. The information desk is open between 9:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs. Verkade pavilion is known for exhibiting the history of biscuit and chocolate makers. The entrance fees are 10 Euros for an adult and for children 6 Euros.

Shoes in process

The shoe factory- demonstrating 

We were taken to the shoe museum and we had a demonstration of how traditional Dutch shoes are made from soaked wood. The shoes are then allowed to dry in sun and become ready in 2 months. The size of shoes even matters.  These shoes are often seen displayed near traditional Dutch houses. Beautiful shoes were being sold starting from 50 Euros a pair to 5000 Euros a pair. A wooden shoe studded with precious stones was something that caught my attraction.  There are various souvenirs price range starting form 3 Euros , sample  shoes , fridge magnets and key rings which can be carried back home  as gifts for family n friends.

Fishermen village 

Beautiful neighbourhood; attractive decor

Souveneirs for sale

Next we were taken to fishermen’s village.  It is a chic village where the houses appear to be in a competition to win the award for best decoration. We were taken to a cheese factory. We were demonstrated on cheese processing. The factory visited by us was called ‘Volendum’. The hostess dressed in traditional Dutch attire was looking attractive and was demonstrating on cheese preparation.   Various flavors of cheese were on display and the tourists were asked to try samples of each. We went around the village and tried some fish dishes. The dishes were truly excellent.  ''Volendum'' has recorded the highest number of tourists each year.

Replica of Kohinoor at Coster Diamond

Diamonds for sale

Explaining the texture and properties of diamond

Next we were taken to the town where we had a view of Coster Diamond showroom.  A replica of the Kohinoor caught my attraction which was displayed in the entrance. The guide took us around the museum where we were demonstrated on the processing of diamond. The precious stones were carefully preserved and the tourists were allowed to have a look and even try the beautiful stones. They offered attractive price for the tourists after educating them on diamond buy.

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh museum is a great attraction. It is the home to more than 200 paintings, 700 drawings and more than 700 of his letters all by Vincent Van Gogh. It was opened in 1973 and was modernized through all the years.

There are various city hopping bus meant for the tourists who can avail the chance to go around the city at a nominal price of say 30 Euros per person.

City Hoppa bus - Amsterdam


There are various other things to do in Amsterdam apart from sight- seeing. Sex tour of the red light area is the greatest attraction for both married and unmarried couples.  The beautiful and exotic sex workers will truly take you off your knees. The sex tours can be availed by foot and a guided tour will cost 35 Euros per person.

Amsterdam red light area- a view at night

We were taken for a canal tour organized by the tour company.  The cruise was truly attractive one with an audio guide. There were separate arrangements for cruise with on board dinner.

Canal cruise view

Viewing the city from the vessel

Memorable Amsterdam; view form the cruise

In one word, 2 days was not enough to view this beautiful city. Amsterdam, a beautiful city having lot of opportunities, ports and other industries, the hub of flower business can be the city of your dreams. To live your dream needs a little money and opportunity. Money can be earned by anybody and everybody but everybody needs to look for opportunity to holiday. There’s nothing like exploring unknown places, getting acquainted to their culture.

Next day morning we left Amsterdam for Brussels, Belgium.  

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