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Friday, 23 September 2016

Europe diary 2016: The glitz and glamour of the city at night

A great place for shoppers

Attractive souvenirs and attractive prices

The next day we left hotel a bit late. We were told that we will be going for a late evening tour. We were busy shopping the whole day. Paris is a great place to be a window shopper as well as a serious one. The street surrounding the famous Louvre museum is famous for street shopping. You may get various economic souvenirs like – key chain, paper weight, T shirts, aprons, hats, fridge magnets and many more. The cost of souvenirs range from 1 euro to 50 euros. We purchased perfumes from the nearby shops. 

Moulin rogue- the great cabaret!

We had a great cruise along the river Seine and then visited famous spots, had good photo session and then were off to see some famous entertainment junctions of the city. Moulin rouge was mention worthy. Whoever comes to Paris should see the performance of this famous cabaret. The tickets are available online.  Moulin rouge and Lido show are known for erotic dance that are truly entertaining and enticing. Audiences are kept glued to their seats by the fascinating performance of the dancers. Yes, Paris is a great prospective place for sex workers from all over the world. But East European girls constitute the majority in number. Starting from 110 euros the ticket may escalate price during weekends. We saw various shops of sex toys. It’s the fantasy of an adult individual and a paradise for a newly married couple. If you want to have the best honeymoon experience then Paris is the right place to frame those precious moments.


It was almost dusky when we were taken in our coach and went for touring the city. The evening sight of Louvre was great. The pyramids were dazzling and the place was looking truly superb. A beauty was quite incomparable.  The fountains and the street lamps were dazzling and it resembled nothing but an avalanche of heavenly lights.


The champ’s elysses was looking marvelous with series of smaller lights which flooded the area. This sight was not unknown to me as I saw it earlier in many Paris based movies. I remembered “Julie and Julia”. We took photographs for a lifelong remembrance.


Lastly we were taken to see the beauty of Eiffel tower. Every day from 10pm to 10:05 pm the tower is illuminated with sparkling lights which mesmerizes the audience momentarily.  We were busy settling places near the tower where hundreds of spectators gathered to get the sight of the coveted beauty of modern technology. We were all ready with cameras and mobile phones. As the sparkling if the light started all were ready to record the precious moment. I took the video of my lifetime and prepared to preserve it so that I may show it to my grandchildren in future. 


In one word Paris is a magical city that has accepted various races, various cultures and various people. It is the epitome of modernity as well as a great evidence of glorious history. It has seen revolution yet is one of the most disciplined and organized nations of the world. It has absorbed people for livelihood and possesses threat every moment and fears any unforeseen terror attack. It has great entertainment to offer as well as the best place known to worshippers.  In one word, I became a bit matured after I visited this great place of the once powerful French monarchs. I will cherish each and every moment spent in this beautiful land. The best moments were recorded in my memory like a slideshow.


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