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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Europe diary 2016 : When the idea clicked my mind!

At France 
At Germany


At Belgium

At Luxembourg

At Amsterdam
It’s been almost 5 years that I have been blogging my minutest experience and my readers appreciate my effort. It’s not only my culinary experience but also the travel stories and restaurant reviews. Life is a celebration. Whenever I plan a trip with my family those planning sessions give me goosebumps. Those imaginations of experiencing the landmarks which I once memorized in the chapters of history and geography turn reality  rejuvenates my senses.  Work hard, earn a bit of money, plan a budget, go out and enjoy- that’s what I believe life is all about!

After having a good deal of wildlife experience staying sixth year in this continent I thought”Let’s see Europe.” Well the experience cannot be compared neither be contrasted as  my love for travelling knows no boundaries as long my will power is strong and I consider jewelry and dresses are not important for a woman (just kidding).

It was a  12 day trip was inclusive of 5 countries. I covered the main landmarks and experienced a wonderful coach tour with tourists around the world. Yes, I am eager to tell my story now. My journey was via Turkey (Istanbul) from Kenya (Nairobi) and I felt it was the easiest and lesser time consuming as direct flights could go beyond 8 hours causing inconvenience for passengers not used to such long flights.

2016 inspite of being a very very disturbing year for Europe (including dreadful terrorist attack in almost every country of importance) my tour was immensely successful and we enjoyed every moment spent on the mighty continent.

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