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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Patisapta- a sweet treat from Bengal

Patisapta is a typical Bengali sweet item very popular during the time of Bijoya(after the immersion of Goddess durga) or any festivals like Poush Parban (the celebration of the harvest). Filled with wholesome values , Patisapta is a ideal vegetarian sweet and wins the heart of many. Let’s see the method of preparation of this magic item.

Ingredients: (for the preparation of 20 pcs.)

1. Ground coconut( 1 whole)
2. Milk ( 1 lt.)
3. Coarse semolina [suji] (100 gms.)
4. Grounded rice blend( 50 gms.)
5. White flour[ maida]( 100gms.)
6. Sugar ( ½ kgs.)

Procedure: The procedure is a little time taking . I have represented schematically with pictures to support the step wise methods.

Step1: Ground the coconut with the help of a mixer grinder and put it on a frying pan , add little sugar and sprinkle water so that the coconut becomes solid and does not contain any traces of water.

Step 2: Now allow the coconut mixture to cool down and then prepare fillings in the shape of elongated beans.

Step 3: Make a mixture of milk, blended rice, semolina and white flour. Make sure that it is left as a thick liquid.

Step 4: Take exactly one spoon and spread it evenly on a frying pan. When it takes shape place the coconut filling on it and start rolling with the help of a wooden spoon.

Step 5: After you have rolled then it will get an elongated shape like a vegetable roll. Then you might remove it and place in a plate.

This way you may prepare many Patisapta or coconut filled pancakes and this will make a very delicious dish. Since it contains the goodness of coconut, milk, semolina and white flour it will fill your stomach for a long time. When it's festive season , you can sweeten up the relation with family members, friends, relatives with this specialty of Bengal. Try it today and get the authentic taste people relished for years.


  1. This looks scrumptious! A few questions tho...I don't know what semolina is and when you say grounded rice blend, is that just rice flour? or a sweet rice flour? do you think I could use my gluten free all purpose flour for the white flour? I would love to try this for my daughter! I think she would enjoy this. I might even add a fruit sauce to top it off :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Mary....rice blend is when u dry grind the rice, can do it in a dry grinder,....and semolina is a type of cereal...made from wheat ..granulated ..but not pulverized..indian name is suji..i believe u will get in super markets....yes, u may add fruit sauce but the original recipe is with coconut so we do not try those....thanks...

  3. Hello.
    This looks delicious...reminds me of crepes (Crepes Suzette).

    Excellent presentation!

    Thanks for sharing.

    The Evening Zephyr