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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Yummy chocolate mawa barfi - a diwali special dhamaka

Chocolate mawa barfi is a specialty sweet item in India. It's a preparation out of selected creme of milk (mawa) and chocolate flavour. Perhaps anybody will find this item in any confectionery store or traditional sweet counter in India. Well , during diwali there is a culture that evey Indian woman prepares something sweet at her house to treat her guests and well wishers. Let's see this easy method of preparing chocolate mawa barfi. This will be a special item for celebrationg this diwali along with your friends and relatives.

Ingredients: (For preparation of 20 pieces)
or solidified condensed creme of milk ( 250 gms.),
Cocoa powder or chocolate chunks ( 2 teaspoons/ 4 cubes),
Grated cashewnuts ( 10 gms.),
Sugar ( 1 and 1/2 cup). 

Procedure: Dilute sugar with water in a container and heat it till it becomes a thick syrup.Then mix the following ingredients in the manner shown below in the diagram arranged schematically.

Step 1: Grate the solidified condensed milk and mix it with the sugar syrup. Use a spatula to make an even mixture and it will appera like a smooth dough. Divide the dough into  3/4 th part and keep the 1/4 th part separately. 

Step 2: Apply  3 teaspoons of cocoa powder on the 1/4 th part of the dough and mix properly. If you are using chocolate chunks then its advisable to melt it and use along with the dough.

Step 3: Keep the dough on a tray. The tray should be coated with a butter paper in order to avoid sticking of the dough with it. If you dont have butter paper you can apply oil over ordinary paper and use it for arranging the dough.


Step 4: Apply the 1/4th part of the dough which was chocolated over the non chocolate coated one. Use a spatula so that the layer can be applied evenly without disturbing the texture of any of them.

Step 5: Grate cashewnuts and sprinkle over the dough prepared thereby. It will look nicely garnished and bear a total commercial appearance. Now cover the dough with butter paper and keep in refrigerated condition for 2-3 hrs. When it is prepared then cut into equal cubes with the help of knife. Arrange on a tray and it is ready to romance with your tongue.

It's ready and you will really love the 'melt in mouth' taste of mawa barfi. This is so soft and delicious that simply want to cherish the taste on a reguar basis. so, be prepared this diwali and surprise your near and dear ones with your excellent skills and hidden talent.


  1. yumm it is something similar we do in Chile which is called Chilenitos.. i love the solidified condensed milk. Boiled in a can and it is ready to go.


  2. Oh so good! You're making me hungry!

  3. Hello.
    Visiting from the group We The Bloggers

    I'm a complete chocoholic & love anything containing chocolate.
    These look delicious...I'm doing some virtual tasting right now (lol)!

    Excellent presentation & instructions!
    Thanks for sharing.

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