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Friday, 14 October 2011

Masai Mara - search for the wild bosses of Africa ![day 2]

After having a nice day at the jungle it was time for us to get ready for the second day. That was a great day for us. We were to meet the king of the jungle and all other carnivores. Till date I just kept imagining in my mind how does these wild carnivores roam about in the vast stretches of land along with the homo sapiens? We were staying at Mara sopa Lodge in Masai Mara . After having a  wholesome continental breakfast  we were set ready for the next phase of our adventure trip.

Our journey started at 7:00 am , we were hoping to see the lions and other carnivores today.

After going for a stretch of 50 yards we saw carcass of herbivores lying on the ground. I just stopped our jeep and took snaps of the sae. Well, I could not see any hunting but seeing  the carcass I could imagine how dreadful attack it must have been on this poor animal. It was found near the lion's den which was near a hill. The very sight of the kion's den was a fear ful one with skeletons and bones found lying here and there. We saw a family of lions playing behind the trees trying to avoid eye contact with us. There were at least 50 visitors gathered near the wild beauty taking photographs of them. 'These carnivores were no less than VIP's , you see.' that was what our guide told us. I was getting excited and waiting to see all the big cats of Masai Mara before I leave the place.

The lion's den.
We waited in front of the lion's den  hoping to see some of the beauties. We could see some of them resting on the rock near the den . They were shying away from us and hiding behind the trees. Our driver took the off road so that we could photograph these wild creatures. The rangers were quite cautious of anybody trying to break the rules of visit.

The ground of the forest showed beautiful white flowers which made the grass really beautiful and soft. We were told that the lion loves to lie down , rest in these beautiful carpetted green lush.

We were really shocked to see the remains of the animals which was  mercilessly tore apart by the wild carnivores for their daily food. Imagine how forcefully must have these wild beasts attacked these grass

We saw jackals nearby these carcasses. The predators like the flesh of the grass eaters and they are in plentiful in Masai Mara.

 These jackals hiding behind the bushes are propably the cleverest of the animals. They were awakened by the sound of the jeep nearing them and probably got suspicious of some danger nearing them.

We saw vultures at the top of the trees. These creatures were waiting for the predators to hunt and leave the left overs for them to fulfill.

We saw spotted hyenas roamimg in the jungle . They like the savannah grass and were resting when we spotted them and our jeep approached it . The animal got cautious and was on the way to flee away .

We followed the way to the Masai river which was about 30 Kms distance form out hotel. It took about 2 hrs. to reach the spot near the river. It was a beautiful sight with the skyline touching the ground and we could get a glimpse of the magnificient horizon. Never is the earth so beautiful after watching Masai Mara.We were looking for animals near the river and it was already 5:15 pm. The animals are said to approach this side of the forest in order to drink water from the river and rest on the soft grass.

We were approcahing towards an area where we saw a family of lions. At least 50 lions were seen in natural pose either resting , lioness were minding their cubs and the king lion were observing the visitors of Masai land. Have a look at the video to observe the lions who were in a lathergic mood, observing themselves  being photographed.

We saw the family of lions. The king lion was keeping a bit of privacy as it was injured the previuos day fighting with fellow lions of the same land. We were told by the guide that lioness minds the cub, hunts and does other activities while the king lion minds kingship, fights for leadership and seldom hunts. In fact we were roaming amongst the lion family as if we were their guests.

We approached towards the other side of the Mara river where we spooted some brilliantly looking cheetas. These were seen playing by the bank of the river. We took some quick videos and were unable to stand for longer time as it was a restricted area.

The cheetas in africa have tremendous speed and very sharp vision. They are probably the fastest animal on the earth.

   We spotted the hippos in the river playing with water naturally. Each one was completely grown and weighing no lesser then 150 - 200 Kgs. each. I never saw such a beautiful sight of hippoos anywhere else.

Last but not the least we could see a leopard. It was trying to hide itself on a tree.

Quite happy and complesant we returned to the hotel for dinner. We had seen the big 5 animals in the past two days. To see the wild life so near is really a wonder, an oppurtunity and an experience to be cherished for a life time.


  1. Wow , had wonderful virtual tour .

  2. I am enjoying my African safari vicariously through your posts, Sweta.

    PS: I am also jealous that you saw the leopard. It is my favouritest animal

  3. The leopard picture brings back memories. I will never forget the staring minute long contest with a leopard sitting on an overhanging branch just above the open-topped jeep we were in.

    The pic was nicely composed as well.

  4. wow...that's an amazing place :)