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Friday, 11 November 2011

Chicken bharta- deliberately delicious deal!

Chicken Bharta or mashed chicken curry is a typical non-vegetarian item which is very popular in the Northern part of India. It's a very special item and quite famous in the 'paratha walli galli' in Delhi. Nowadays  it's quite a delicious and popular food in all the metropolitan cities. You may get it in almost all the restaurants. I must say that as far as food is concerend 'India is the paradise'. Nowhere on the earth will you get so many varieties of food, condiments, spices and the combination of all to make wonders in culinary art. Let's see the method of preparation and what makes the dish so special.

Ingredients: ( for 4-6 people)
Chicken ( 500gms.)[ very much preffered is tandoori chicken or chicken boiled and separated from the bones],
Onion ( 2 medium pieces grated),
Tomatoes (2 medium pieces grated),
Ginger- garlic paste (2 teaspoons),
Cumin powder ( 1 teaspoon),
Coriander powder ( 1 teaspoon),
Turmeric powder ( 1/2 teaspoon),
Red chilli powder ( 1 teaspoon),
Garam masala ( 2 teapoons)[ blend of cardamon, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper],
Creme of milk ( 4-5 tablespoons),
Salt as per taste,
Ghee for frying.

Procedure: You need to take chicken grilled in tandoor/ microwave grilled chicken. Even you may boil chicken in a cooker at high temperature so that it separates form the bones. But as per my experience, I will say that a tandoor chicken makes better dish than the ordinary boiled one because the spice is spread evenly inside the chicken pieces also. Heat ghee in a container. Dash the vegetables (tomatoes, onions) to it. Add the ginger-garlic mixture and add the spices (coriander, cumin, chilli, turmeric, salt) to it. Add the preboiled/roasted chicken to it. Add the garam masala to the entire mixture. Mix well with the help of a spatula. Add 1/2 cup water to it. Then add the creme of milk to it. You will admire the color, texture and the yummy taste of the chicken dish so prepared.

Chicken bharta is best enjoyed with naan/tandori roti/chappati / kulcha. Even you may enjoy with jeera rice. So you can prepare mind bloggling dishes at home. enjoy with your family and friends. Enjoy the spice of life.

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