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Monday, 7 November 2011

'Sweet bun'- a creative, home made sweet treat

Buns can be prepared at home with much ease and comfort. With tea/coffee specially you will love to have home made 'Sweet bun's. You can prepare and keep them for 1/2 days and enjoy. You need not be an expert baker to make sweet buns at home. In fact, you can treat guests nicely and cordially with your home made sweet buns and thereby save your pocket by avoiding buying stuffs from outside. Let's share the secret of preparing home made buns.

Ingredients: (for 10 buns)
Flour ( 400 gms.),
Dry yeast ( 2 teaspoons),
Baking powder ( 2 teaspoons),
Milk ( 1/4 ltr.),
Sugar ( 4 tablespoons).

Equipments required:
Baking oven/microwave with convection mode,
Rolling pin,
Brush for putting oil,
Butter paper,
Napkins for holding/gloves.

Procedure: It's a stepwise process which is represented schematically by pictorial support.

Step 1: Heat milk in a container and add white flour to it. Add yeast, baking powder, sugar and oil to the mixture and keep for about 2 hrs. The flour will rise, you have to press it and make an even dough.

Step 2: Cut into even rounded doughs and roll out like an elongated structure as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Make a rounded shape as shown in the picture. Put on a tray with butterpaper in it. Put some oil with the help of a brush. Place it inside the oven at 180 degree celsius and for 50 minutes.

Step 4: Remove the buns from the oven. They are hot, ready. Remove the buns by holding the tray with gloves/napkins.

Start enjoying the hot buns. You may have it with tea/coffee. Even you can use it as a tiffin item and pack for your kids at school. So, be an expert in making hot buns, but not necessary that  you have to be an expert baker.