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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chinese spicy chicken- 'A housewife's innovation'; Simply miracle indeed

Indian housewives prove to be better than any great Indian Chefs in terms of culinary art and skill. Simple reason behind this is that they have a greater understanding of the practicality in taste and the concept of effective permutation-combination of easy ingredients. This simple yet wonderful concept is derived from one of my friend's kitchen wonders while she was aspiring to create someting new and tantalizing for her family. Let me share the process of making Chinese spicy chicken.

Ingredients: ( for 4-6 people)
Boneless chicken ( 700gms.),
Onions ( 2 medium pcs. grated),
Capsicum ( 2 medium pcs grated),
Tomatoes ( 2 medium pcs. grated, maybe red and yellow color),
Garlic paste (2 1/2 teasoons),
Ginger paste (1/2 teaspoon),
Jelapeno ( 5 pcs. sliced)
Spring onions ( 6-7 pcs. with the white part separated from the green one , cut into dice of 1cm in length),
Vinegar ( 2 teaspoons),
Green chilli sauce ( 2 teaspoons),
Tomato sauce ( 4 teaspoons),
Soya sauce ( 2 teaspoons),
Corn flour (1 teaspoon)
Oil for frying,
Salt as per taste.

Procedure: Marinate the boneless chicken in vinegar, soya sauce, garlic paste and salt. Keep it for 30 minutes in marinated condition. Heat oil in a container and dash the vegetables into it. Cook till they become soft. Add the ginger paste to it. Add the marinated chicken to the mixture and cook in low heat for 15 minutes till the chicken becomes soft and mixes with the rest of the vegetables. Sprinkle a pinch of aji no moto ( monosodium glutamate) to it.This will help the dish to get a glossy apearance. Add chilli sauce to the mixture, care should be taken that the amount of chilli sauce depends on how much hot you desire for the dish. Add the jelapeno to it. Make a solution of corn flour in about 100 cc of water and put over the mixture. This will give consistency to the texture of the gravy. Now fry the diced spring onions separately, just make them a little soft and add on top of the prepared dish so that it looks like a good garnishing. In fact this dish is will be a perfect combination of hot, sweet and you will simply love the bite of crunchy vegetables along with the bonelss chicken that enhances the taste of the dish to a large extent.

This dish will be a perfect combination with noodles/thai rice sticks. So enjoy  dinner along with your family and bring the fantasies of your imagination into practicality. Sometimes you realize that creativity can be fun and encouraging. Do not ever give up your creativity in everyday life.

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