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Friday, 4 November 2011

Garlic chicken fry- yummy, lip smacking starter

Garlic chicken fry is an innovative,delicious and easy item. For meat lovers it's a real paradise. If you are expecting some guests at your home all of a sudden or may be in short time , then this will definitely serve your purpose of treating friends as well as save your unnecessary restaurant bills. With a little innovation , you may bring about a great difference to the very simple everyday item and your guests will simply remain bewildered by your creative skills. Let me share the secret of such a wonderful dish with all my readers.

Boneless chicken ( 700 gms.),
Corn flour ( 4-5 table spoons),
Gramflour ( 2 teaspoons),
Crushed garlic paste ( teaspoons),
Eggs battered (3 pcs.),
Soya sauce ( 1 teaspoon),
Vinegar (2 teaspoons),
Green chillies( 2 nos. slit into smaller pieces),
Salt as per taste.

Procedure: Cut the boneless chicken into medium longitudinal pieces. Mix all the ingredients (corn flour, gram flour, garlic paste , eggs, soya sauce , vinegar , green chillies) with the chicken and keep in refrigerated condition for minimun 5-6 hours. Slicing and marinating of chicken is a very important criteria for this item. When you would like to fry them just remove from the fridge and allow to stand for 30 minutes minimum in order to bring to normal temperature. Heat oil in a container and release the battered chicken pieces in it. Watch the pieces sizzle and fry till it takes a golden brownish color. When the desired color is obtained then place on a serving dish and garnish with onion rings and chillies.

You and your guests will simply love this item. It tastes best as it smells a tinge of garlic in it. For ultimate taste serve with green chilli sauce. Invent food, cherish food and get the ultimate taste of life.


  1. Great recipe. My kind of food. Yum!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Linda Della Donna

  2. Hello.
    Visiting from the group We The Bloggers.

    I LOVE chicken done in any way, shape or form.
    These look delicious...the perfect snack for a pick-me-up!

    Good, clear instructions & presentation.
    Thanks for sharing.

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