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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Chinese jelapeno chicken - dare to say 'no'

Chinese jelapeno chicken is a unique creation.  With all available things in your house you can prepare this and enjoy any time. Definitely I can call this as a 'meat lovers delight'. People who like the flavor of  chinese chicken will definitely love this dish, I guarantee. I call this sort of innovations as the heights of kitchen chemistry and not simply a permutation-combination of available ingredients.

Ingredients: ( for 4- 6 people)
Boneless chicken (700 gms.),
Capsicum ( 2 big sized colored yellow and red  grated),
Tomato ( 2 medium sized grated),
Onions ( 2 medium sized grated nicely in the form of a paste),
Jelapeno ( 7-8 pieces, deseeded and slit from the mid ridge),
Corn flour ( 2-3 teaspoons),
Ginger garlic paste ( 2 teaspoons),
Baby corn (4 pieces boiled and diced into equal pieces),
Aji ni moto (monosodium glutamate ) just a pinch.
Vinegar ( 3-4 teaspoons),
Tomato sauce ( 4-5 teaspoons),
Soya sauce ( 3-4 teaspoons),
Green chilli sauce ( 2-3 teaspoons),
Salt as per taste,
Oil for cooking.

Procedure: Wash the boneless chicken and keep it marinated with ginger garlic paste, vinegar, soya sauce , and salt. Keep in marinated condition for 30 minutes. Heat 3 tablespoon oil in a container. Dash the vegetables (onion, capsicum, tomatoes, baby corn ) to it. Cook till the vegetables get soft. Add the ginger garlic paste to it. Add the already marinated chicken to it. Add soya sauce , tomato sauce and green chilli sauce to the mixture. Add a pinch of aji-no moto to the chicken dish. Mix well with the help of spatula. Add the deseeded green chillies to the mixture. Make a solution of corn flour in 100cc of water. Apply it over the chicken mixture. Add salt as per taste. Cook for about 10 minutes and then remove it from the flame. Place the contents of the mixture in a serving bowl.

Chinese jelapeno chicken is best  enjoyed with chowmein. Vegetable rice can also be a good option. So, all meat lovers and ardent fans of white meat,  do not miss this oppurtunity of experiencing one of the most delicious , innovative dishes of chicken.


  1. Dear Sweta
    Just chanced upon your blog ! You have an awesome space, will try this one and the chicken bharta too..I am out of kitchen these days and will try it out as soon as I am back home.
    Have a nice week

  2. This looks really great!