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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Chicken in South Indian style- love the fiery coconutty taste

Yummy chicken in coocnut gravy.

Chicken is the ultimate source of protein. It has high dietary fiber content. Rich in Niacin and Selenium, chicken is categorized as lean meat that protects against cancer and age related deterioration. Chicken can be cooked in a marvelous way when combined with ingredients like coconut. One day I went to a friend’s house who was a South Indian by origin and I was bewildered by the South Indian style of cooking. Chicken cooked with ground coconut, Kari leaves and mustard added a different degree in taste, aroma and I must say that the taste was simply superb. Let me share the recipe with all my readers.

Ingredients: (for preparation of 4-6 people)

Whole chicken (medium sized about 750 gms, cut and cleaned nicely),

Curd (3 tablespoons),

Turmeric powder (1 ½ teaspoons),

Kari leaves (2-3 streams),

Green chilies (10 pcs.)

Mustard seeds (about a pinch),

Coconut oil for frying (preferably),

Grated coconut (1/2 piece),

Saunf or Fennel seeds( 10 gms.),

Poppy seeds ( 10gms.),

Salt according to taste.

Procedure: Cut the chicken into medium pieces and marinate it with curd, salt and turmeric powder for about 10 minutes. Make a blend with ½ pieces of grated coconut, saunf, poppy seeds and green chilies in a mixer grinder. Keep the paste apart. Heat coconut oil in a container and dash mustard seeds, Kari leaves to it. Release the already marinated chicken to it. Cook it for about 5-7 minutes till the chicken gets soft. Add the blend of coconut, saunf and poppy seeds to it. Cook for about 4 minutes till the mixture gets an even blend. Add green chilies slit from between. Add the rest of the curd to it. Cook well till the chicken gets well mixed with all other ingredients. Add ½ cup of water to it. You will get thick gravy which is yellowish white in color. The aroma of Kari leaves is simply mind boggling and you will get the ambience of a typical south Indian cuisine from your kitchen.

You may enjoy this with rice /chapatti. I bet you will enjoy the hot taste madly.

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  1. This looks yummy. I'll have to venture to the local Indian store in my neck of the woods to see if I can find..