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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Soyasambu Conservancy; Simply Heaven on Earth indeed

The peak resembles a shape called Delamere's nose

Kenya is a place of natural wonders. Nowhere on the world can you get such a combination of wildlife, picturesque nature, ravishing waterfalls and prehistoric remains. My recent visit to the Lake Elementeita gives me a fresh lease of opportunity where I could experience the nature from such proximity that I felt myself truly pampered in the lap of Mother Nature. Soyasambu conservancy was created in the year 2008 with a view to protect the flora, fauna of the life bordering Lake Elementita which is to the North West of Gilgil, Rift valley province. Hardly a drive of 2 hours from Nairobi will take you to the land of magical fauna. This place is quite close to Gilgil, a prominent landmark. Soyasambu conservancy which shares it’s boundary on the west with Nakuru National park and is spread over an area of 48,000 acres of land.

The famous Mereroni river

The entry fee at the gate was about 35 $ for the foreign tourists which was a narrow steep road that lead us to the lake. The lake is said to be the home of the pelicans which feed on the Tilapia grahamii available in the water. They breed in the Kekopey hot springs This is a perfect place for bird lovers and a commercial package for this Bird watchers’ sanctuary is a real value for money. The hill at the background of the famous Mereroni river is called the Delamere’s nose. This has been named after Lord Delamere who is the founder of the Soyasambu ranch. The sight of bird catching its prey from the serene water is a very exciting sight.

Glimpse of the wild beauties

Nearly 50 species of mammals are found in the Soyasambu conservancy which includes jackals, hyenas, Rothschild giraffes, Giraffe Manor, Columbus monkeys and other grass eaters. Carnivores are there, but  we were  not lucky to get a glimpse of these wild beauties. Zebras and giraffes were seen hopping and crossing the roads.

Beautiful lodges built beside the serene lake

This famous game drive has been commercialized by famous lodges which provide all facilities for a tourist to spend his day, relax and enjoy world class cuisine over here. The famous Elementita County lodge is surrounded by the Kariandusi prehistoric site where fossils of pre historic animals, axes, and cleavers were found in the year 1928 by the famous archaeologist Louis Leakey. The typical cottages built for tourist represents Afro- British structure and are quite attractive in architecture. We halted here for some refreshment and lunch. The rates of these lodges vary from 150 to 260 US dollars per person per night.

Air ballooning at Soyasambu

For fun loving tourists, there are arrangements for balloon ride. Half an hour ride will give an exciting experience and the view of the entire game drive from several hundred heights above the ground level is a treasured asset. Balloon rides are generally conducted during the morning and afternoons.

There is a famous site called Sleeping Warrior Camp, which is a dormant volcano spread in an area of 20,000 hectares of land. While observed from a distance the partially eroded crater resembles a sleeping warrior. There are accomodations for tents here.

Soyasambu conservancy records visits of famous personalities like Winston Churchill, Evelyn Waugh, Jomo Kenyatta, and Prince Amyn Aga Khan. In fact it’s said that a part of the film’ Tomb Rider ‘was shot over here.

The number of wild beauties in Kenya had gone down tremendously due to illegal poachers and ecological imbalances. But the government has taken strict steps to protect them; laws were enforced so that the merciless killers are prosecuted. So, I must say that nature is at her best in Kenya. I love to visit her treasured wealth and watch the wild beauties again and again.

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